5 Supernatural Characters Who Were Played By More Than 2 Actors


5 Supernatural Characters Who Were Played By More Than 2 Actors
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The first demon ever created was Lilith who served as the major antagonist of Season 4. After the demise of Azazel, Lilith became the ruler of the Hell. She served as the leader of the demons and guided them towards breaking the 66 seals and fighting the Order of Heaven. She is responsible for breaking of the 66 Seals which freed Lucifer. Lilith is a white eyed demon and outranks all the other kinds of demons. In terms of power, she is second only to Lucifer. It turned out that she is the final 66th Seal. The Winchesters could have prevented the Lucifer rising, but their personal enmity against Lilith prevented them for thinking clearly, and they ended up killing her and thus breaking the final seal.

The character of Lilith has been portrayed by five different actresses Anna Grace, Rachel Pattee, Katie Cassidy, Sierra McCormick, and Katherine Boecher.


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Sam Winchester is the titular character of the series. He is the only character who is present in all the episodes of the Supernatural. Throughout the show, he has fought numerous kinds of enemies and has been possessed by both an angel and a demon. He also had the psychic powers due to the blood of Azazel and he used it in fighting against the demons. Sam Winchester has been portrayed by numerous other actors apart from Jared. Different actors have taken on the role of Sam Winchester to portray a different age of the character, ranging from the infant, child to teenager and eventually an adult Sam. The only exception is Coltan James who played a guy named Gary who switches bodies with Sam.

The character of Sam Winchester in Supernatural has been portrayed by six different actors; Jared Padalecki, Colton James, Alex Ferris, Dylan Kingwell, Colin Ford, and Michael Cooper.


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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dean is not only the main protagonist of the show along with Sam, but also a part of the majority of the storylines. The story of Supernatural started with Dean who asked for Sam’s help after their dad had gone missing and it ended with Dean embracing Sam in the heaven. Similar to Sam, the character of Dean has also been played by several actors. Dean Winchester also has been turned into an old man and a teenager.

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The character of Dean Winchester in Supernatural been portrayed by eight different actors; Jensen Ackles, Ridge Canipe, Brock Kelly, Chad Everett, Hunter Brochu, Dylan Everett, Nicolai Guistra, and Anthony Bolognese (Source: SPN FANDOM)

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