5 Supernatural Relationships Which The Fans Rejected

Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural is a complex show. The show has various different elements such as friends, family, hunting, monsters, demons, and death. Our beloved Winchesters are often faced with grave dangers and impossible odds which they always manage to overcome. We know them so well that we take a deep interest in everything they do, what they wear, what they eat, and whom they date. To today we have brought to you the relationships of the Winchesters, some which we appreciated, some which we didn’t.

5 Supernatural Relationships Which The Fans Rejected

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Supernatural Relationships Which The Fans Rejected


5 Supernatural Relationships Which The Fans Rejected

Anna, a young woman the run who requires protection from both the demons and angels. Dean Winchester helps the lady only to realize that she is actually an angel. They both end up spending a night together. Now it might look they shared something special, but it really wasn’t the case. Anna would later go back into time to kill Dean’s parents and prevent him from ever being born.

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Sam’s relationship with Amelia might look good enough at first. A young woman trying to start a new life after a tragedy. She comes to Sam at a time when he too experienced a personal tragedy after losing Dean to Purgatory. Once he gets into a relationship with Amelia, he stops looking for Dean and thinks he has found peace. But his haven would soon come to an end when Amelia’s thought to be deceased husband returned.

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