5 Supernatural Spin-offs That The Fans Should Know About


Sheriff Jody Mills is one of those Supernatural supporting characters that managed to leave a significant impact in less time. After the failure of the Supernatural: Bloodlines, another attempt was made which would focus on a female team of heroes. The backdoor pilot for the series is titled ‘Wayward Sisters’ and it aired in Season 13 Episode 10. Robert Berens and Andrew Dabb wrote the series, but in May 2018, Robert revealed that CW has not picked up the Wayward Sisters. Andrew Dabb expressed his disappointment at the movie on the social media. He spent two years working on the characters and show, but it broke his heart that the show wasn’t picked up.

The CW

A Twitter account named ‘Wayward Daughters’ launched an online movement to save the show by flooding the social media handles of CW, Netflix with the request of picking up the show. CW President Mark Pedowitz came out and said that they are big fans of the characters and the actors, but it is creatively not what they are looking for. CW Network went ahead with Legacies believing it has lot more potential.


5 Supernatural Spin-offs That The Fans Should Know About
The CW

Last year we learned that a prequel of Supernatural is in the works, it’s titled ‘The Winchesters’ and it would focus on John and Mary Winchester, the parents of Sam and Dean. The show is currently in the development and it is written and executive produced by Robbie Thompson who worked on Supernatural as a producer. Jensen and his wife Danneel will be producing the series through their company named Chaos Machine Production. And Jensen Ackles will reprise his role of Dean Winchester and would be the narrator of the series. Supernatural actor Jensen said in an interview that the first story they wanted to tell, the origin story of Supernatural would be the story of John and Mary. The network has given a script commitment to this third attempt of the Supernatural spin-off series.



Very fans know that there is actually a Supernatural anime series, you read it right, it’s an ANIME! The anime series is titled Supernatural: The Animation and it premiered in 2011, it has been produced by the famous Japanese studio Madhouse. There’s only one season of the series which consist of 22 episodes that are 30 minutes long. The anime series covers the first two series of the Supernatural series. It also explores the childhoods of Sam and Dean and giving more storyline to the supporting characters. Jared Padalecki who played Sam gave the voice for the English dub while Jensen only voiced Dean in the last two episodes to commitment issues.

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