5 Things About The Cast Of Legacies That You Didn’t Know

3. Kaylee Bryant

Did you know 21-year-old Kaylee Bryant who plays the character of Josie Saltzman in the show is a big fan of Ryan Gosling! Her favorite actress is Jessica Alba. She made her movie debut with Mary Loss of Soul released in 2014 in which she played Mary Solis. And she made her TV debut with American Horror Story in which she played a zombie Sl#t.

4. Jenny Boyd

Jenny Boyd is known for her role as Lizzie Saltzman! The actress was born in Switzerland and she currently holds the dual US. and English citizenship. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in acting which she earned from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Jenny was also an international model and was represented by Elite New York.

5. Zach Roerig’s Girlfriend

5 Things About The Cast Of Legacies That You Didn't Know

Zach Roerig is best known for his role as Matt Donovan in The Vampire Diaries. His first girlfriend was Alanna Turner with whom he had his first daughter in 2011. But her girlfriend was sentenced to federal prison due to fraud cases. He then filed legal papers to take the full custody of his daughter. He won the custody of his daughter in 2013.

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