5 Things About The Originals That The Fans Don’t Know!

2. The Originals: The Awakening

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While most of the fans know Legacies being the only spin-off of the Originals, centering around the tribrid Hope Mikaelson. But there’s one more spin-off that most of the fans missed. In 2014, the studios released a web series titled ‘The Originals: The Awakening’ which explored the character of Kol Mikaelson and his relationship with other Mikaelson siblings. The series takes place in 1914 where Kol Mikaelson tries forming an alliance with the French Quarter Witches in order to get back at his brother Klaus. The show also throws light on the past of Kol Mikaelson past, exploring his backstory and the origins of his rift with his siblings. There are four episodes in the series which are 2 minutes long. The series features the character of Mary Alice Claire who is the ancestor of Davina Claire. The tiny bits of story pieces of the web series add to the present day storylines. The series is available in the Originals Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD collection.

THEN & NOW: The Cast Of The Originals Throughout The Years


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The Originals ran for five seasons. Season 1 features the arrival of the Mikaelson siblings back into New Orleans, a city they once called home. Even though the backstory of the Originals have been explored through flashbacks and mentions, but it never explored it in depth. The Harlequin publishing company tied up with Alloy Entertainment to release three books that focused on the untold stories about Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah.

The first book is titled The Originals: The Rise and it takes place in 1722 in the city of New Orleans where the Mikaelson siblings have arrived seeking a new life. Elijah starts searching for a home, Klaus falls for a wrong person, and Rebekah joins an army camp looking for allies.

The second book is titled The Originals: The Loss and it starts in 1766. New Orleans has been destroyed due to a hurricane, the siblings rebuild the city. The Originals have taken the control of the city from the werewolves and witches. But Klaus ends up putting his trust in a wrong witch who uses him to bring back her ancestors to take the city back.

The third and final book of the trilogy is The Originals: The Resurrection and it takes place in 1788 where the siblings have lost the control of the New Orleans. Klaus attempts to build an army of vampire to defeat the werewolves once and for all. Meanwhile, Elijah falls for a mysterious and beautiful lady. Rebekah who had enough of her family, starts a new journey to find a home.

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