5 Things In The TVD Universe That The Fans Wish Happened Differently


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Elijah and Klaus’ end might appear poetic for many, the two brothers had an epic ride together, and faced the final great adventure together. Originals finale is bittersweet as some characters got the happy ending they truly deserved, but Klaus and Elijah met a tragic fate. Even though they both died with love in their hearts, but it makes you wonder if they truly deserved that ending? Klaus left Hope as an Orphan, how is that supposed to protect his little girl? Elijah could have lived a life with Antoinette, a life of his own, but he couldn’t help with the guilty of the demise of Hayley. So some fans feel that it should have been Elijah who should have absorbed the spirit of Hollow and sacrificed himself. He would have reunited with Hayley while Klaus could be with Hope. But you know if Originals had ended with Season 4 then it would have been a beautiful conclusion to the story arc of all the characters. Many fans see Season 5 as the non-canon ending.

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While Julie Plec had never hesitated from writing off a major character or a beloved supporting one. This is because such demise of a character creates not only an element of shock, but also it creates drama which allows for an opportunity of a character development. But there are certain demises which didn’t make much sense and felt like forced. Demises of characters such as Lexi Branson was unnecessary as it didn’t add much value to the storytelling and character development. Whereas demise of characters such as Rose and Enzo added value to the story. The demise of Rose allowed us to see a vulnerable Damon who tried his best to save Rose and comforted her in her last moments. Similarly, the demise of Enzo allowed Bonnie to experience the heartbreak and it eventually returned Bonnie her powers. Which character demise do you think was unnecessary? Let us know in the comments.


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When a show ran for as long as Vampire Diaries did, it is bound to have a few hits and lots misses. Not every TVD storyline was entertaining or pleasing. Throughout its 8 Seasons, there have been plenty of storylines that the fans wish never have happened. Whether it’s the Queen of Hell storyline of Katherine which felt forced and nonsensical. While Katherine’s demise in Season 5 saw her making peace with Stefan who convinced her that it’s not her fault. Now suddenly, she is such a great evil that Stefan is willing to sacrifice himself to take her down. Another underwhelming storyline was Silas and the Travelers. It felt like a sort of a filler. Silas was so hyped, but when he showed up it turned out to be pretty disappointing. The storylines featuring the Heretics, the Travelers also proved to be a failure. The introduction of the Sirens also couldn’t captivate the attention of the fans. Which storyline for you was the most underwhelming one?

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