5 Things That NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Everybody has their own perception regarding NASA and when NASA is mentioned, some people feel proud while others have serious doubts.

Everybody has their own perception regarding NASA and when the name of NASA is mentioned, some people feel proud while others have serious doubts in their minds. We have to accept one thing, NASA has done tremendous and amazing work in the field of space exploration that would not have been possible a century ago. However, there are some hidden secrets and facts need to be answered.

Let’s Look At 5 Things NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know That Will Leave You Shook.

1. Live Feed Cut.


There is something fishy about NASA that needs to be resolved for the sake of the people. On November 2016, NASA cut live feed and there was some strange mysterious creature captured in the satellite camera. It was a strange thing and the pictures were released by NASA, there is something that NASA didn’t tell anybody and they are secretly working on something. On asking to them, they said that it was a normal meteor and it’s common to capture them on the daily basis, they claimed that there is nothing special about that footage.

2. Erased Moon Landing Tapes.

This is a huge blunder, the most important moment in the history of mankind gets erased on accident by NASA. So yeah, the first original moving landing tapes that were filmed by NASA no longer exists. According to NASA, the footage was not so clear so they have updated new digitally enhanced versions that look way better than the original landing, before coming up with this illogical statement, NASA tried very hard to search thousands of boxes of stored footage to find the tapes but that did not yield any fruit and Cesare that the event was taped over satellite footage, who knows?

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3. James Webb Telescope.

It is the custom of any superpower to fund space exploration whether they like it or not. I think that’s okay but for a project that takes years to complete, I still question the construction of the James Webb telescope began about twenty years ago and was supposed to be ready to launch in 2007, but it wasn’t instead, it was completed in 2016, initially it was to cost half a billion dollars but at the end of the project it had spent seventeen times of what was estimated rising to 8.8 billion, now that it’s ready who knows how much more time it will need before it’s actually launched.


4. Nuclear Tests On The Moon.

You will agree with me that U.S. always has competition with the Soviets and it went too far at one time, the U.S. wanted to showcase its superiority not only in the field of machinery but also with capturing other planets or bodies. For doing so, they conducted nuclear tests on the moon and showed their power to the world. A writer who is creating a biography for an astronomer named Carl Sagan came across some unbelievable Intel known as A-119 project a that appeared to be a plan for the U.S. to use the moon as a place to test nuclear weapons. Nobody knows if they really did it or not as it would be very difficult to know.

5. Operation Paperclip.

World War two was a trying time for the world, also for the U.S., Germany was the most advanced in creating devastating V-2 rockets that had the capability of precisely striking targets in London and other places. U.S. was already in competition with the Soviets to see who could recruit as many Nazi rocket scientists as possible, allow Operation Paperclip why that name anyway people crossed over to the dark side in this space race people like Rudolph were recruited to have direct links in the middle of Verve factory that used forced labour from concentration camps to help construct the V-2 rockets. Let’s keep in mind that at that time, the Nazis were not the best people in the world.

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