5 Things Only Adults Can Realize In The Vampire Diaries


5 Things Only Adults Can Realize In The Vampire Diaries
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While parenting by no means is an easy job. But TVD parents are simply the worst who have failed to perform the basic responsibilities of being a guardian. Let’s start with Tyler, while his dad spent his time acting as the mayor, his mom was busy organizing trivial events. Caroline’s father Bill tried hunting his own daughter while her mother Elizabeth at first disowned Caroline after learning she has become a vampire. While Bonnie’s grandmother was always there for the Bon-Bon, but her father was missing out of the picture whereas her mom also started living a new life. Elena’s biological mother deserted her and didn’t bother looking back. The mother of Stefan & Damon left her children and started a foster family while their father became the reason of their demise. Finally, we have the Mikaelsons, both Esther and Mikael can take home the awards for being the ‘Worst Parents’, both tried taking the lives of their children on multiple occasions. Although, one could argue that Mikael was only after Klaus and spared the other children even when he had the chance to eliminate them. But there’s no excuse for Esther who came up with terrifying schemes to harm her children.

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Numerous things have taken place in the Vampire Diaries. At first, they would seem to be pretty normal, considering it’s a show about vampires, but when you look at it from the lens of reality and social context, they seem pretty disturbing. Such as Stefan stalking Elena Gilbert. Stefan has been around Elena for quite some time before he introduced himself to her. Same with Damon who met her first and then erased her memories. Although this doesn’t seem much unusual. But Damon’s predatory behavior is pretty disturbing. In Season 1, he fed on Vicki, and then he targeted Caroline, using her as his personal blood bank. But the worst part is he also used her physically. This is something that many fans found to be quite disturbing, but it was never addressed, and it is all swept under the carpet when Damon becomes a good man. Also, let’s not forget what he did to Zach’s pregnant girlfriend. Zach Salvatore’s wife was carrying a daughter, but Damon didn’t care. He harmed both the mother and the unborn baby, luckily Stefan managed to save the child. Damon isn’t the only one, Klaus first forces Tyler to bite Caroline, placing her life in danger, and then went ahead to cure her. Also, when Klaus’ consciousness was inside Tyler’s body, he used it to make advances on Caroline.


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While TVD isn’t known for its cultural diversity as we have seen only a handful of ethnic characters on the show and even their treatment isn’t the best. When it comes to Native American characters, they are nearly absent. While the lineage of Bonnie Bennett places her among one of the oldest families in Mystic Falls yet her family wasn’t part of the ‘Founding Families’, but her ancestors rather worked as handmaidens. While all the female characters such as Caroline, Elena, and Rebekah enjoyed a well-written romantic storyline, Bonnie was devoid of a meaningful love interest, and is always forced to make sacrifices for the ‘greater good’. Apart from Anna & Pearl, we didn’t see many Asian characters on the show. We know the land belonged to Native Americans which is the present-day Mystic Falls so it would make sense that the roles of werewolves would be enacted by Native American actors, but apparently, that isn’t the case.

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