5 Things Palmistry Reading Says About You!

Palmistry Reading
It's amazing to think that the ancient practice of palmistry reading can tell you who you are as a person? And what your life will be like?

It’s amazing to think that the ancient practice of palmistry reading can tell you who you are as a person? And what your life will be like? Whether you believe in it or not, it’s an interesting practice that’s persisted for years. Palm tells you accurately about personality, relationship, show career and travel. None of these can escape the eye of a palm reader.

Let’s Take A look At 5 Things Palmistry Reading Says About You.

1. Attention To Detail.

Palmistry reading is not all about the lines on the palm. You may not be aware that the size and positioning of your fingers has a large role in palmistry too. The length of your fingers is considered to be relative to the palm and therefore we can tell if they are average, short or long. If your longest finger is at least as long as your palm then your fingers are considered long. You see on an average, the longest finger is only about 7/8 the size of the palm. Long fingers show that you have an incredible attention to detail. This is interesting because it also says you’re a bad planner. Your love of detail means you like to analyze details of the event to understand them better before taking any action. Funnily enough, there are more long-fingered women than men in the world.

2. Health Issues.

You can gain an understanding of your health by looking at both the health and life lines. The health line runs from the mount of mercury below the little finger down to the base of the palm. If you don’t have a health line, don’t despair because this is great news, it means you will have a lifetime of good health. Similarly, if you have a prominent and clear lifeline, this indicates a life of vitality, strength and immunity. If you do have a health line, you can learn about what your health issues might be. A health line rising from the life line is a very bad sign. Any contact between the health and life lines indicate fragility of health. If the health line crosses the life line, this shows the presence of genetic diseases. A health line which stops when it reaches your heart line shows a likelihood for our problems. If your health line is chained, you will be caught by a series of health issues related to the bladder, liver or stomach.

3. You Are Self-Centered And Ruthless.

Your heart line tells about the operation and condition of the heart. It doesn’t have a typical starting or ending position as this varies for the individual. A clear and unbroken heart line at the end is a sign that you are a good person, warm-hearted and with a life full of love. There’s no chance of faking it here though because we can tell if you are self-centered and ruthless in your core. You see a short or entirely absent heart line shows us these negative qualities. You are likely to have a rocky road to love and often end up alone because of your attitude to others. A line that curves downward also shows a life of difficult relationships and that you have a character that can be difficult to like.

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4. Care About Family.

The line around the base of your thumb is called the family loyalty ring. The deeper and clearer the line, the stronger is your connection to family and the importance they have in your life. If you have two family rings you must have two families, whether by adoption or by a second marriage. Any breaks in the ring show periods of family trouble. A longer index finger than the ringer finger also indicates strong ties to family. This is believed to represent the amount of energy your parents put into raising you. If you have a longer fore-finger, chances are you will be a great parent as well. The Venus Mount is the padding at the ball of the thumb and is named after the goddess of love. A good amount of padding which is soft to the touch but not puffy is another sign that you have time and interest for your family because it shows you have enough energy to be shared around.

5. Setbacks In Life.

The life line generally occurs from just above the thumb to either the mount of Venus or the mount of Luna. It sits on the little finger and if your life line is chained, you will be plagued by misfortune. Chains over sections of the line indicate that you’re experiencing shocks in those periods. Chains can also indicate you suffering heartbreak and illness. Palmistry reading is such an amazing thing that tells almost everything about you.

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