5 Things People Get Wrong About The Originals


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It’s natural and rational to believe that the Originals is similar to the Vampire Diaries. After all, it’s a spin-off and is set in the same universe. But as a matter of fact, both shows are pretty different. Whether you talk about the pace, story, characters, direction, shock & twists, or themes. Even though the creatures such as Vampires, Witches, and werewolves exist in both the shows. But their respective communities, traditions, and rituals are pretty different. Also, Originals only has a limited number of Supernatural beings comprising of Vampires, witches, and werewolves Whereas TVD has a large library of Supernatural beings. While TVD mainly has teenage elements, with the themes of love and romance. Originals is much more mature in its storylines. Also, while TVD has numerous female leads, the Originals lacks in the department of presenting convincing female main characters.

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Did you know the LJ Smith TVD Novels on which TVD is based on, it only contained the character of Klaus Mikaelson. There were no Originals in the books, but the word ‘Old Ones’ was used to depict such powerful vampires. The TV character of Klaus Mikaelson also differed significantly to his books counterpart. The origin story of Klaus Mikaelson was also entirely different and the characters of Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, Finn, and Freya didn’t exist in the books.

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However, there are three Originals novels in existence. This trilogy of books which are written by Julie Plec and the book narrates the adventures of the Mikaelson Family around the 18th Century, prior to the events of the TVD & The Originals.


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There are numerous misconceptions and false assumptions about the ending of the Originals. Some believe that Originals got cancelled by the CW Network. There’s even a rumor that there was a sixth season planned. Then some say the Originals ended because Julie Plec wanted to focus all her attention and efforts on Legacies, second TVD spin-off. But the real truth is that the Originals ended because it was the right time to wrap up the series.  The Originals experienced a decline in the ratings in fourth season. Many fans criticized Season 4 & Season 5 of the show for being inferior. Originals experienced its peak in Season 3 which many consider to be the best season. The writers came up with every refreshing and uniquely original storyline that they could. By Season 4 & 5, the fans felt a repetition in the storylines. It was obvious that the writers ran out of all the ideas, the characters arc also ran out of fuel. So due to the low ratings and out of ‘Original’ ideas, Julie Plec and team made the collective decision to end Originals at the right time, and shift their focus to a new beginning in the form of Legacies.

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