5 Things People Get Wrong About The Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has aired 15 seasons which spanned over 15 seasons, making it the longest running fantasy television show in America. Even though its been quite a while since the show ended, but the passion and craze for the show remains the show. What makes Supernatural so unique is its loyal fandom, a fan community which has now become a family, a culture, and a lifestyle. This fandom celebrates their love and passion for Supernatural by organizing conventions, writing fan fictions, making awesome video edits and memes, and lot more. The fans of the show are also pretty aware, carrying an extensive knowledge about the show, its storylines and seasons, cast and crew, the production and behind the scenes stuff. While for the people who are on the outside, they might have plenty of misconceptions and wrong ideas about the show which are frustrating for the loyalists.

So Take A Look At 5 Things People Get Wrong About The Supernatural


5 Things People Get Wrong About The Supernatural
The CW

Thanks to the Internet and the active fan community which expresses their love for the show in the form of memes and video compilation. Due to the viral memes and Supernatural fandom hijacking every post with a GIF. Fans who haven’t seen the show believe it to be too comical or dramatic. Some people believe Supernatural is a show for the teenagers which has plenty of drama and humor. But it’s actually a fantasy horror show. The initial seasons are comparatively more scarier than the later ones. There’s no denying that the comical humor element is present through every episode of the show. But the drama, horror, action, and fantasy elements outweigh the comedy. Certain episodes are far more comical and funny than the rest. But make no mistake, the show has plenty of terrifying moments and scary scenes which can give you nightmares.

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5 Things People Get Wrong About The Supernatural

Well, the Winchesters are hunters who hunt monsters. When we say monsters, the outside people mostly think of ghosts. So many people believe that the brothers hunt only the monster in every episode. There are some who are aware of the angels and demons on the show. The Winchesters have both allied and fought against the demons and angels. But there’s actually a whole library of creatures and monsters, much more than on any other show. You have the shapeshifters, Vetalas, Werewolves, Ghouls, Rugarus, Vampires, Wendigos, Witches, Djinns, Kitsunes, Dragons, Sirens, and lot more. And when you talk about the angels and demons, there’s a hierarchy and different classification of both the species. Not to forget the Primordial entities such as Darkness, the Empty, Death and other biblical characters in the series. And not to forget about the humans, there are plenty of human hunters who also served as the antagonists.


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