5 Things People Get Wrong About The Supernatural


5 Things People Get Wrong About The Supernatural
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One of the biggest misconception about Supernatural is that once a character has died on the show, he or she somehow manages to return back to the land of the living. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While this is indeed true that the show has brought back the popular main characters numerous times, it even resurrected certain popular characters too. Then there are certain characters who reappeared in the form of a ghost or in afterlife. But there are numerous characters who once died never returned back or appeared in any form. So death is indeed permanent on the show in most of the cases. Popular characters such as Crowley, Bela Talbot, Balthazar, Metatron are some of the few who were extremely popular and important, but they never showed up again after their demise. Also, this is a show where nobody is safe. Even the death has died on this show.


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Many people believe that Sam and Dean are these invincible hunters who can find their way through every problem. There’s a popular misconception that the Winchesters can defeat any enemy with ease. They have squared off against the God AKA Chuck and beaten him. But this isn’t the entire truth. The Winchesters aren’t your Comic book heroes who have been blessed with powers. In their case, the Winchesters are cursed with the hunter’s life, they never chose it, but were forced into it. They have experienced all sorts of hardships, from pain and torture to helplessly watching their loved ones die and not being able to save them. From PTSD to depression, the Winchesters have been through it all. They did manage to defeat the powerful enemies, but it was always through the help of their powerful allies.


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The outside people always complain about the fans of Supernatural being all crazy and weird. They think the fans of the show are crazy people who spend their time in worshipping Supernatural. But the fandom community is really creative. They have several creative outlets to express their love. From designing original fan art to making wonderful video edits, from writing masterful fan fictions to designing cool T-shirts. The fans live out their passion in very unique ways. Supernatural fandom considers itself a family and it means that. There’s a sense of belonging and care for one another irrespective of one’s background. The fans are very active on different social medias offering help and support to the other fans who need it. The fans are a part of numerous charity projects, initiatives, and campaigns which are dedicated towards a noble cause.

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