5 Things People Get Wrong About The Vampire Diaries

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Misconceptions are pretty easy to form especially when you are not aware of something completely or the information you have is incomplete. When it comes to TV shows, people who haven’t seen a show somehow possess various opinions and thoughts regarding the content. They base their opinions based on the information they read on the internet or what they heard from their friends or other interpersonal networks. Often times, such assumptions prove to be completely wrong. And when such people finally see a show which they already had plenty of opinions about, they end up getting surprised. The Vampire Diaries is again one such show about which different people have different opinion. There are some who haven’t even seen the show, but are vocal critics of it based on what they heard or read on the Internet.

So Take A Look At 5 Things People Get Wrong About The Vampire Diaries


5 Things People Get Wrong About The Vampire Diaries
The CW

There are many some people who could never convince themselves to watch the Vampire Diaries. But they are pretty vocal about the show. There are many who believe that Vampire Diaries is just a teenage drama revolving around the love stories or whatever the issues teenagers deal with, and that’s all there is. They couldn’t be any more wrong. While yes, the show has teenage characters, and yes, the love stories & love triangles are an integral part of the storylines. But the show has a whole lot to offer. There are themes of brotherhood, family, friendship, redemption, loss, and lot more. TVD is not just a love story, there are plenty of stories all running together. It’s pretty immature to dismiss such a quality television saying the characters are teenage and the storyline isn’t captivating. The show isn’t about characters stressed about their high school grade exams, but the teenagers exploring their true selves in the face of adversities. You have centuries old vampires who have experienced the best and worst of humanity. The show can take you on a spiral of emotions which makes it a great experience.

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Vampires aren’t something new that TVD invented. They have been around for ages. They have been a part of the literate for centuries. And now they are a pop culture phenomenon, from comic books to video games and TV shows, there’s a significant portion of the audiences who would watch anything featuring Vampires. There’s an accusation that TVD didn’t do justice to the Vampires. They portrayed vampires to be too soft and emotional. Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Vampire Diaries unlike other shows or movies went into quite depth explaining the origins of the vampires. They established a lore which describes everything about this species, from their strengths and weaknesses to their abilities and powers. The concepts introduced in the TVD such as vampires not able to enter the houses without consent or the daylight rings protecting them from the sun makes perfect sense. TVD separated itself from the various other literature and media that depicted the vampires. It created its own new path and presented vampires in a way we never seen before.


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