5 Things That Could Possibly Happen In Umbrella Academy Season 2

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. No one knew that a simple comic book named Umbrella Academy would reach such heights of success overnight. Gerard Way wrote this comic series and when it came into the practical life people just loved it and are waiting for the second season eagerly. Many assumptions are made about what will happen next, so we came up with these theories today.

So take a look down below at the list of those 5 things that could possibly happen in Umbrella Academy season 2!

5. The commission forcing Number Five to complete his mission

During most of season 1 we saw Number Five fighting against the commission and not fulfilling their demands. Apparently, Number Five was chosen by the commission first in 1963 to shoot President John F. Kennedy and he leaves without doing it and also the rest of the work they gave him. So maybe they’ll again come around to make him complete his mission how so ever.

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4. A big bad villain for the umbrella academy to fight

In the comics, we saw the Umbrella Academy fighting against the Terminauts of Dr.Terminal and they fought many times but eventually, the Umbrella Academy defeated him and were sent to Hotel Oblivion. Maybe in this season, we’ll see him making an appearance and becoming the big villain we expect him to be.

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