5 Things That Not Even The Die Hard Lucifer Fans Are Aware Of

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Originally known as The Lightbringer or Samael, though he later became famously known as the Lucifer. He came into existence along with other angels before the universe was created. Out of all angels, he was the most powerful and brightest, the favorite child of God. But his rebellion led to his downfall, Lucifer was cast out of heaven, made the ruler of Hell. For eons, he served his duties in hell before deciding to give up his mundane job and explore the earth.

So Take A Look At 5 Things That Not Even The Die Hard Lucifer Fans Are Aware Of


5 Things That Not Even The Die Hard Lucifer Fans Are Aware Of

You would be surprised to know that only 20 humans know the true identity of the devil. Terrible bad luck has fallen on these individuals. Out of these 20, 14 are dead, 3 people being incarcerated, and 2/3 of the remaining three have resurrected from the dead. Only Linda Martin is the one person who didn’t suffer the terrible fate. Even though she was also burned to toast by the Goddess in Season 2.

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Through out the show, we heard different names such as Samael, Belial being associated with Lucifer. However, in scripture, the following names belong to different demons. The name Belial is associated with the deceitful demon who demands child sacrifices. Samael is an archangel who is described as the accuser and destroyer. He somewhat is similar to the Christian notion of Satan. The name translates to ‘Poison of God’. Abaddon is an angel who is described as the angel of the abyss, he has the king of an army of locusts.

An interesting fact about Lucifer is that while his original name was Samael, but he doesn’t want to be associated with that name because it only reminds him of what he once was, before his rebellion, before he was cast out of heaven, it reminds him of being an angel. This is the reason why we have seen him becoming agitated when he was addressed by this name by his father who arrived on earth or when Linda utters the name during a therapy session. However, through his therapy, he overcame his guilt and came to terms with what he did. This only made him a better person or should I say better devil. What’s your favorite nick of Lucifer?


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