5 Things That Not Even The Diehard Stefan Salvatore Fans Are Aware Of


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Stefan’s name is a variation of the popular name Stephen. His name signifies ‘Crown of Martyrdom’. this also reflects his personality, a moral and heroic character who ultimately ended up sacrificing himself to save his loved ones, and became a martyr. Also, his last name was originally going to be ‘Whitmore’ because of it having an American sound to it. However, the creators decided to keep it as ‘Salvatore’, similar to the books. The word ‘Salvatore’ means Savior.


The CW

Stefan is the narrator of the Vampire Diaries. The entire show is him telling the story from his point of view. Stefan also loves writing and is keen reader of the literature. He has managed a diary or a journal for every year in which he has recorded all his memories and the events that happened in that year. He had even written the journals during his Ripper phase. This is similar to the Original Vampire Elijah who has written numerous journals during the many centuries of his immortal life.

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The CW

As a human he was an aspiring doctor. Interesting, his love Internet Elena eventually became a doctor. He is an introvert who loves reading books and solving puzzles. He is quite nostalgic about the past and likes to keep souvenirs from his past reminding him of the memories. Stefan has been brilliant academically, received straight A’s and been to numerous ivy league schools. He is fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, and English. He has also climbed Mount Everest.

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