5 Things That Supernatural Doesn’t Want The Fans To Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. It is one of the longest running dark fantasy dramas in the TV history. The show has its darkest moments, ranging from the heartbreaking deaths of our beloved characters to the emotional wrecking moments in its long 15 seasons. While the Winchesters had their fair share of terrifying hauntings, evil monsters, and forbidden secrets in the SPN Universe. But the show is pretty dark even in real life. There are numerous secrets concerning the cast and crew of the show. Events that have happened concerning the actors of the Supernatural that the show definitely want you to know.

So Take A Look At 5 Things That Supernatural Doesn’t Want The Fans To Know



Another biggest complain against the show is that it always promoted Christianity as one true religion. The show mainly focused on the deities, elements of Catholicism. Even though it did feature gods and elements from other religions, but their portrayal has been awful. Either the Pagan gods were depicted as weak and evil. Also, the Pagan religions represented in the show were displayed out of context and completely wrong. The gods and deities from other religions were depicted to be much inferior when compared to the Christian counterparts, Lucifer easily managed to defeat the Hindu Goddess Kali and the Norse God Odin in minutes. The show did showcase diversity, but it did it in the wrong way.


The CW

While the writers of the Supernatural are always praised for their refreshing and original storylines. They have mastered every genre, ranging from horror to comedy. But sometimes, the writers aren’t careful, and they end up offending the people through what they thought would be funny jokes. In Season 11 Episode 15, there’s a joke where a character utters the line ‘every demon for him/her/shimself’. The writers failed to realize that the word shimself is a slur and it enraged numerous people online.

Then who can forget the Season 7 Episode ‘Time For A Wedding’ where Sam is brainwashed by Becky using a magical substance which makes the younger Winchester fall in love with the crazy fan. There’s a scene where Becky has tied up Sam who has been drugged and trying to make a deal with the demon about forcing Sam against his consent to love her for a total of 25 years. Even though many fans found it funny and comics, but if you really see it from an objective point of view, Becky drugged Sam and is trying to do something against his consent. Imagine how much backlash the scene would have gotten if the roles were reversed.


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