5 Things That Supernatural Doesn’t Want The Fans To Know



Season 5 Episode ‘Hammer of the Gods’ saw Sam and Dean who are kidnapped by a group of gods. The episode featured gods from different religions and mythologies. The episode surely featured a very unique concept of different gods and controversies, but the episode faced plenty of backlash. The Hindus were extremely upset with the way Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesh were depicted in the show. They were hurt the way show depicted Hinduism and used the concepts inappropriately. The show disregarded other cultures and religions. Taking a Biblical approach isn’t wrong, but insulting other religions and gods by depicting them in a untruthful way is downright wrong. Even the Indian fans expressed their displeasure and said that the show got the concept of Hindu Gods entirely wrong.


5 Things That Supernatural Doesn't Want The Fans To Know
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Genevieve Cortese took over the role of the demon Ruby from Katie Cassidy in Season 4. Genevieve and Jared came closer during the shooting of Season 4. Ultimately, the couple decided to get married by the end of Season 5. While their relationship proved to be life changing for both the actors. But their relationship had a major affect on the storytelling of the show. As in Season 4, Ruby and Sam became quite closer in the absence of the Dean who was in hell. The writers originally planned Ruby and Sam to get married. But when the actors who played these roles announced their real life engagement and marriage plans, the writers decided to change the storyline because they thought it to be too Cheesy. Sam would kill Ruby in the finale episode of Season 4 for betraying him. The writers didn’t want the same storyline to be running on and off-screen.


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Misha Collins is one of the most beloved stars among the fans. The actor is known for his generous nature, always interacting with the fans on his social platforms, always present at the fan conventions, and fulfilling the requests of the fans. But you would be surprised to know the actor was allegedly labelled by some members of the Westboro Baptist Church as Antichrist. The rumor started when a member of the church asked the question on Yahoo! Answers if others share the opinion of his Church. Even though later, it was said that the post was wrongly attributed to Westboro Baptist Church. While WBC never directly accused the actor being the Antichrist, but their stance is allegedly expressed by members of the WBC Online. Misha Collins has responded to the accusation on his Twitter,

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