5 Things That The Supernatural Has Done Wrong

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. While Supernatural has been an amazing show with an intensely passionate fandom which worships this show. The show ran for a very long time and it was a decision of the producers and actors to end the show, it could have kept running. But throughout its 15 seasons, there have been some major inconsistencies and mistakes that the show has committed. While majority of the fans have decided to look the other way, but some of the fans are pretty vocal and has expressed their opinions, going on rants on various platforms.

So Take A Look At 5 Things That The Supernatural Has Done Wrong


5 Things That The Supernatural Has Done Wrong
The CW

One of the biggest problems with Supernatural is the issue of plot and lore consistency. There have been numerous occasions when the show has decided to modify the lore and shift the rules to accommodate their current storyline. For example, in the beginning the character of Lucifer was introduced as the archangel who has fallen from heaven after rebelling against God. In Season 5, he expressed his intention as how he compared humans to be inferior who were stealing all the attention of the God. However, move forward to Season 11, the darkness has been released, and we suddenly learn how Chuck gave the mark to Lucifer which corrupted him and became the reason for his downfall.

Death is a primordial entity which is nearly equal in power to God and Darkness. It is ended by Dean with such ease. But that’s not the worst part, a deceased Reaper is promoted to be the next death without any explanation as how or why Billie was selected. Initially, the belief was that angel could be ended by only other angel. But then angel blade became the instrument of an angel’s demise, anyone holding it could end an angel. Soon, angel blade could not only harm angels, but it could end demons and other kinds of monsters too.


5 Things That The Supernatural Has Done Wrong
The CW

Earlier the villains were meaningful, they had a serious motivation behind their actions. They were terrifying and their presence felt larger than our heroes in the scenes they were involved in. Villains from Season 1-5 such as Azazel, Lilith, and Lucifer felt like a real serious threat. Fast forward to later seasons, even the omnipotent Chuck AKA God doesn’t feel menacing enough. More than that, his motivation behind trying to destroy the Winchester doesn’t made enough sense. On the top of it, the Writers suddenly brought back the villains from the Winchesters’ past such as Lilith who didn’t feel the same, and the Winchesters easily disposed them off.


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