5 Things That You Should Know About Lauren Cohan


5 Things That You Should Know About Lauren Cohan
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Lauren moved to Los Angeles at the age of 22 where she took up the job at ‘The Cat & The Fiddle’, a popular restaurant located the Sunset Boulevard. She worked as a waitress at the restaurant. There was plenty of struggles for the aspiring actress. Her first professional acting project was the film ‘The Quiet Assassin’ which was released in 2005. She would then appear in the movie ‘Casanova’ which boosted her career. She rose to fame with her appearance as Charlotte in Van Wilder: Rise of Taj. Lauren would go on to appear in numerous films, but her solo lead role came in the horror movie ‘The Boy’. She has also played the role of Martha Wayne in BvS: Dawn of Justice.

Perhaps her first major role came when she was cast in the role of Bela Talbot in Supernatural Season 3 where she nearly overshadowed the Winchesters. Lauren would go on to appear in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 in the recurring role of a vampire named Rose. Cohan appeared in a recurring role in the TV Series ‘Chuck’. Perhaps the biggest role of her career came when she was cast as Maggie Greene on the AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ which is based on the comic book series. Her role in ‘TWD’ made her one of the highest actresses in the world.



Did you know Lauren Cohan is not just a talented actress, but she also excels in numerous things. While shooting her first major film ‘The Quiet Assassin’, she learned the art of Archery whereas while filming ‘Van Wilder’, she learned the sport of fencing. Also, as per IMDB, her favorite actor is Tom Hanks whereas her favorite films include Pet Sematary and Life of Pi. Lauren Cohan is also a pianist and likes to play it in her free time.


The CW

During the filming of Supernatural where she played Bela Talbot, she learned to handle guns. According to IMDB, Lauren Cohan took the inspiration for Bela Talbot from the character of Catherine Zeta Jones in the movie Entrapment. Supernatural is close to Bela’s heart as it was this show which boosted her acting career. Speaking about her time on Supernatural, she revealed that her favorite episode is Season 1’s ‘Skin’ whereas her favorite character to work with Gordon Walker who was a hunter original, but then transformed into a vampire. She originally auditioned for the role of ‘Ruby’, but was cast in the role of Bela. She underwent extreme rigorous physical training to prepare for the role.

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