5 Things To Know About TVD Universe Creator Julie Plec

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. In 2009, the world of fantasy television changed with the launch of the Vampire Diaries which launched a wonderful universe comprising of Originals and Legacies. When it comes to the success of the Vampire Diaries, a major credit should also go to Julie Plec. She co-created the show with Kevin Williamson. Plec deserves more appraisal because she not only kept on pushing TVD to a new stratosphere after Kevin left but also created Originals which became a huge hit on the CW Network.

So Take A Look At 5 Things To Know About TVD Universe Creator Julie Plec


While The Vampire Diaries is mainly responsible for introducing Julie Plec to the world as one of the best fantasy TV creators. But did you know she has worked as an assistant under the legendary horror director Wes Craven. Julie worked as an assistant to Wes on Scream. She worked as an associate producer on Scream 2, and as a co-producer on Scream 3 and Cursed. As you very well know that Scream is among one of the most popular horror movies of all time. It was the first movie Plec worked on. This is where Plec and Kevin Williamson would develop their never-ending friendship. Kevin worked as a screenwriter for Scream 1, 2 & 3. Plec considers her work on Scream as one of the best highlights of her career.

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Julie Plec was born on 26 May 1972 in the USA. She did her education at Northwestern University in the year 1994 where she was a student in film major before changing her program. She has a deep connection with the vampires. Julie started her career with the 1995 released film ‘Vampire in Brooklyn’ which starred Eddie Murphy in the lead role. Plec worked as a director assistant on this movie. Interestingly, this film was also directed by Wes Craven. In 1999, she worked as an associate producer on the film ‘Teaching Mrs. Tingle’ which was written and directed by Kevin Williamson. The film failed and Kevin Williamson hasn’t directed any movie since then.


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