5 Things Vampire Diaries Fandom Believe To Be True, But Are Wrong!


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While Bonnie is undoubtedly one of the most powerful witches in TVD Universe. Having access to the power of Bennett bloodline which could wipe out any other witch or enemy. She has performed different kinds of magic, from traditional to Expression. She even created her own personal dimension where she could resurrect herself, her psychic powers were a match to Cade. Even though she destroyed the hellfire, but she needed the help of 100 Bennett Witches to complete the spell. While Julie Plec has written Bonnie as a very powerful character, but the inconsistencies in her powers at times cannot be denied. She did manage to achieve impossible feats, but we cannot forget her nosebleeds the times she used magic.

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But the feat that Hollow performed on the Originals alone makes her the most powerful witch. She resurrected Davina from the grave with such ease. We have never seen anyone resurrect the dead in the TVD Universe with the snap of fingers. The Hollow is the main antagonist of Season 4 of the Originals and also played a significant role in the Season 5 events. Known as Inadu when human, after her death she became a ruthless and power hungry witch who caused chaos and destruction. Even the Originals along with powerful witches such as Freya, Vincent on their side were unable to defeat Hollow. Her dark spirit ultimately claimed the lives of Klaus & Elijah in the end.

What do you feel? Please let us know in the comments. Do you feel Hollow should be ranked number 1 in the TVD Universe or the title of most powerful witch goes to Bonnie?


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The Originals is the tale of the Mikaelsons and is set in the city of New Orleans. But you would be surprised to know that plenty of scenes of the show have been filmed in Georgia. As surprising as it sounds, the numerous beautiful balconied buildings we saw in the show are located in the pretty town of Conyers which falls in Georgia. Plenty of popular places and landmarks in the town of Conyers such as ‘Historic Train Depot’, ‘Center Street’, ‘The Sandwich Shop’, ‘Celtic Tiger’, ‘The Pointe’, and numerous others have been used in the Originals. The iconic Sandwich Shop has served as the outside of the famous Rousseau’s where our favorite characters can be seen having a good time. But from inside, it’s actually a sandwich shop. Then the Pointe is the lot where the Vampire Cortez compelled the car driver to explode the limo (S3E15).

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There’s always a debate between Stefan and Damon as to who is the better brother. Some fans claim it is Stefan while others believe it to be Damon. But the fact of the matter is there is no better brother. Both of them are great characters, but none of them is a good person if you truly think about it. While people give Stefan a pass and think of him as a moral character, but as a Ripper, he committed numerous evil acts. Even though he had no control of his actions as a Ripper, but that doesn’t change the fact that lives have been lost. Even though Damon didn’t do evil acts as a Ripper, he simply did it because he wanted to.

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While none of them is the better brother because they both have done unspeakable evils, but they both also managed to redeem themselves in the end. Damon became selfless as the show progressed and Stefan made up for all the lives he had taken by saving Mystic Falls and sacrificing himself.

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