5 Things Wrong With Archie In Riverdale That We Choose To Ignore

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Archie is Riverdale’s shining golden boy who is a star athlete, perfect boyfriend, good son, amazing fighter and also seems to have nine lives. He’s getting charming day by day but still, there are some things that fans miss out on him or ignore because no one can be so perfect and neither is Archie. So we’re here to put a light on those things where Archie went wrong.

So here are the 5 things wrong with Archie In Riverdale that we choose to ignore!

5. Worst BFF to Jughead

5 Things Wrong With Archie In Riverdale That We Choose To Ignore

In season 1 Jughead was going through a rough time with all his family issues, living issues and obviously money problems too. So to make it up to Jughead, Archie decided to go on a road trip as Jughead really needed to freshen up and he could’ve used the vacation in the best way for himself. But Archie cancels that plan just to bang his teacher in the woods. There was another case where Archie proved himself wrong where he told Betty to plan a birthday party for Jughead and invite closed ones. But instead everyone shows up which disappointed Jughead and in his party, he was alone in a room while Archie had fun with everyone else and for once he did not think of Jughead.

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4. Forms the red circle

5 Things Wrong With Archie In Riverdale That We Choose To Ignore

When the Black Hood shot Archie’s dad, he formed a red circle with his football team to find out who the Black Hood is and created a chaos in the town. He thought that the Black Hood was someone from the Southside so he starts marking their building and war starts with the Serpents where Archie almost killed Sweet Pea.

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