5 Things Wrong With Veronica In Riverdale That We All Choose To Ignore

3. Kisses Jughead

Veronica kissed Jughead in the hot tub of her cabin to even the score because Betty and Archie kissed before which was witnessed by Cheryl. Technically Betty and Archie were single so what they did wasn’t wrong and was sudden, so the kiss wasn’t needed to even anything. They could have just let it go but Veronica likes to spice things up.

2. Sl*t shames Betty

Veronica once stooped down to such level that she used Betty’s love life as a weapon in front of everyone. She revealed in an argument that Betty wore her dark Betty dress while sleeping with Jughead and made a lot of noise. Revealing such private information about someone’s personal life isn’t her business even if she’s her best-friend.

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1. Uses Reggie

There were various intimate moments between Reggie and Veronica in season 3, but Veronica was never serious about him and used him to move on from Archie. This wasn’t fair because Reggie actually fell for her and wanted to be a part of her life, but she refused because she Archie came back. Using someone’s feeling just to cool down their pleasure isn’t good Ronnie.

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