5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Castiel


5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Castiel
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Castiel is perhaps the second most infamous rebellious angel after Lucifer who defied the orders of heaven and even fought against his own kind. While Lucifer’s motivation to defy was born out of vanity whereas Castiel defied the orders out of his love for mankind, most notably the Winchesters. Through his interactions with Sam & Dean, his experiences on Earth with mankind, and living a human life changed him. Cas might have rebelled against heaven, he even committed numerous mistakes, but his heart was always in the right place. But you would be surprised to know that there’s one order, one instruction that he never failed to abide by. He was tasked with the responsibility of watching over Dean Winchester. Ever since he rescued Dean from the hell, he has been by his side and right until the very end, he fulfilled his responsibility with full commitment.

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While Dean is a human and Castiel is an angel, but both of them numerous similarities which explains their bond.

  • Both of them have died and been resurrected more than any other character in the Supernatural.
  • Both of them have killed an archangel. Castiel killed Raphael in Season 6 finale whereas Dean who was possessed by Michael killed Lucifer in Season 13 finale.
  • Both of them have visited all the three realms; Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. 


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Dean Winchester never misses a chance to make a pop culture reference. Lots of his dialogues and one liners are a reference or nod to some of the iconic movies or music hits. Interestingly, Castiel being an angel and having no prior humanity experience was clueless about all such references. It wasn’t until Season 9 Episode ‘Meta Fiction’ that Metatron uses his powers and inserts all the pop culture knowledge into the brain of Castiel who suddenly becomes all aware and understanding of all such knowledge. Now that Castiel is well aware of the pop culture, he could also appreciate it really well. Dean gifts him a mixtape of his favorite collection of Led Zeppelin songs in an episode of Season 12. Dean Winchester has a habit of using pop culture aliases when playing an agent. Castiel took this habit and has used the name of Beyonce while playing undercover. It is not at all surprising that Castiel has picked up numerous traits from Dean whether its food cuisine to the choice of music.

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