5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Crowley

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. When it comes to people skills, Dean Winchester is surely the better brother when it comes to socializing and forming relationships. Over the course of Supernatural, Dean has been formed some really wonderful and intense friendships with numerous characters such as Charlie, Jo, Crowley, Castiel, Benny, Garth, and some others. Dean. When it comes to friendships, Dean has that ride or die attitude. Sometimes he was forced to form alliances due to a common objective. This is how the unexpected alliance of Crowley and Dean happened. The duo have teamed together on numerous occasions to deal with a powerful enemy or when their objectives coincided.

So Take A Look At 5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Crowley


5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Crowley
The CW

Even though their alliance only started because of a common enemy in the form of Lucifer. But over the time, they grew a certain kind of liking for each other. Crowley continuously switched from being a supporting protagonist to a major antagonist, but his dynamic with Dean didn’t change much. He could have killed the Winchester brother anytime, but he chose not to. Even on one occasion, when Sam tried killing Crowley on the order of Rowena, Crowley being the powerful King of Hell could have squashed Sam, but he spared Sam because of Dean. Crowley despite experiencing attempts on his life and sharing a mixed relationship with the Winchesters offered his help in removing the Mark of Cain from Dean’s hand. Crowley’s greatest heroic act came when he sacrificed himself and saved the boys from Lucifer in the Alternate Universe. Crowley’s sacrifice had an effect on Dean who considered his demise to be a major loss. We have seen Dean to be visibly sad and disappointed when Crowley’s death was brought up. Dean would go as far as asking Chuck once to bring back Crowley, but it didn’t happen.

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5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Crowley
The CW

Crowley is probably the most creative character when it comes to nicknames. The King of Hell has given some pretty interesting nicknames to numerous characters on the show. Crowley came up with some hilarious nicks such as ‘Squirrel, Not Moose’ for Dean. Crowley addresses Sam & Dean as Moose and Squirrel which is a reference to the iconic cartoon pair from Bullwinkle. The King of Hell has stored the contact of Dean Winchester as ‘Not Moose’ in his phone. Whereas Dean has given the nickname such as ‘King of Rotten’, ‘Boris’ to Crowley.


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