5 Things You Should Know About Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki!


5 Things You Should Know About Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki!
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While majority of the fans recognize Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki from Supernatural. Undoubtedly, Supernatural will remain their career’s highlight, it’s a project which will remain forever associated with them. But did you know both of these talented actors have been part of numerous successful TV shows and movies. Jared Padalecki’s first major role was in Gilmore Girls as Dean Forester which made him a familiar face all across he world. The actor would appear in numerous films in small roles such as ‘A Ring of Endless Light’, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, ‘New York Minute’. His major and most successful movies are ‘House of Wax’ which starred Paris Hilton and ‘Friday The 13th’. Currently Jared plays a titular role in the 90’s hit reboot series titled ‘Walker’.

Jensen Ackles career tasted major success with the NBC’s iconic ‘Days of Our Lives’ where he played the role of Eric Brady. He almost landed up the main role of Clark Kent in WB’s Smallville, but lost the lost to Rom Weilling. He would appear in the role of Jason Teague in Season 4. Jensen Ackles has also appeared in successful shows such as ‘Dark Angel’, ‘Dawson’s Creek’. His most role is ‘Soldier Boy’ in Amazon Prime’s hit show ‘The Boys’. He has also voices Batman in several animated films and appeared in the main role in the remake of the 80’s cult movie.

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It is impossible to imagine someone other than these two playing the roles of Sam and Dean Winchester. Jensen was the original choice for the role of Sam Winchester, he even read the lines for the part. Eric Kripke wasn’t sold on Jared as Sam, it was Jared’ agent who convinced Kripke to give him a second chance. At a fan convention, both the actors talked about their first experience of meeting each other. Interestingly, they were the only two people who showed up for the part, and were eventually selected for the roles.


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Both the actors might have contrasting personalities in terms of the Winchester character which they portrayed. But in reality, they both are quite similar.

  • Both come from Texas and could have had a successful career in other field if they had not chosen acting. Jensen wanted to be a sports therapist whereas Jared was a National Merit Scholar.
  • Both of these guys have married an actress. Their wives have also appeared in the Supernatural and had shared scenes with them.
  • Both Jared and Jensen have matching tattoos which they got at the wedding of JDM who played their on-screen father John Winchester.
  • Jensen Ackles made somewhere around $175K for his role as Dean Winchester per episode whereas Jared made somewhere around $125K per episode. So both the actors nearly made the same.
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