5 Times Klaus Mikaelson Deserved Better In The TVD Universe

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While Klaus Mikaelson was introduced as an antagonist or villain on the Vampire Diaries. He caused plenty of chaos and destruction in Mystic Falls with his presence. Many fans still cannot forgive him for the demise of Jenna, but down the line, Klaus began gaining popularity from the fans. As his backstory was explored, fans gained a sympathy for the Original Hybrid. In the Originals, Klaus was humanized, his past traumas and ill experiences that shaped his personality. In Originals, Klaus displayed selflessness through his relationship with Cami, Marcel, and others. Even though he committed several blunders, but he managed to redeem himself. While Klaus is the one punishing people for their crimes, but there have been times we saw him shedding tears.

So Take A Look At 5 Times Klaus Mikaelson Deserved Better


5 Times Klaus Mikaelson Deserved Better In The TVD Universe
The CW

While out of all the Mikaelson siblings, Elijah is the one you can always trust to have the back of Klaus. Elijah stood by Klaus’ side when everyone else left. Elijah is the embodiment of ‘Always & Forever’, the eternal vow, but there have been times when Elijah disappointed Klaus. In Season 2, when Klaus and Hayley disagreed on their approaches of keeping Hope safe from Dahlia, Elijah decided to side with Hayley. He used the Golden Dagger on Klaus, neutralizing Klaus, allowing Hayley & Hope to fled away with Jackson & Wolves. But perhaps Elijah let down Klaus the most when he didn’t intervene between Greta Sienne & Hayley’s fight, Hayley had to sacrifice herself to take down Greta to save Hope & Klaus. As Elijah’s memories were locked away due to Marcel’s compulsion, he was unable to remember Hayley and his love for her.

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5 Times Klaus Mikaelson Deserved Better In The TVD Universe
The CW

There’s barely a parent in the TVD Universe who is the perfect parent, everyone has done a few wrongs. But nobody failed at parenting more than Esther & Mikael. First, Esther had an affair, out of which Klaus is born. Klaus didn’t choose to be born out of an illicit affair, but all the blame and frustration of Mikael due to losing Freya & learning about Esther’s affair was taken on Klaus. He never missed a chance to belittle Klaus and hunted him for centuries like a mad man. Even though Klaus wasn’t his biological son, but Klaus eventually shaped up into the image of Mikael. Klaus always considered Mikael his father and therefore his father’s ill treatment affected him significantly. Klaus’ werewolf part was also a part of his true identity, but it was taken away by his parents when they used a curse to suppress his hybrid nature. Esther had numerous chances to make things right with Klaus, but instead she made it worse by being antagonistic towards Klaus or his loved ones.


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