5 Bizarre Coincidences That Actually Happened!

3. Twins Death Coincident.

The twin brothers who died exactly the same way on the same Road in the hands of the same person is an unbelievable coincident. Neville and Erskine Abin two brothers died at the age of 17 years in a taxi accident, the chilling part is that both died in the span of a year when both were riding the same bike. What’s more surprising is that Erskine’s accident occurred by the same taxi that killed Neville and guess what? the taxi driver was the same man who killed Neville, unbelievable but true.

4. Man Who Couldn’t Escape Lightning Even After His Death.

During the first world war, there was a British Army Major named Summerford and during a battle, lightning struck him and his legs got paralyzed. Then he moved to Canada where while fishing, he was again struck by lightning which made the right parts of his body completely useless and it took him two years to recover. In summer, he was walking in the park when lightning phoned him again and this time he was completely paralyzed, major Summerford died two years later but he couldn’t escape lightning. Four years after the death, his grave was again struck by lightning and it was damaged completely. Isn’t it strange?

5. Amazing Twins.

Two twins were separated at birth and adopted by different families, both families independently decided to name the boy James. Both boys entered law enforcement and one as a security guard and the other as a deputy sheriff. Both married women named Linda and then both got divorced and remarried, both remarried women named Bessie one named his son James Allen the other also named his son James Allen. When they eventually met, they discovered the strange similarities in their separate lives. This is weird!

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