5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Elena Gilbert

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Elena Gilbert is the titular character of the Vampire Diaries. While many consider the show to be the story of Stefan Salvatore, but some believe it’s Elena’s story. A normal regular looking girl who is caught into the chaos of the supernatural which changed her life forever. Elena was processing the loss of her parents when she comes across Stefan who ends up becoming the epic love of her life. Initially Stefan’s brother Damon is antagonistic towards Elena, but later we learn that he has been doing it in order to keep Elena away from him because he is in love with her. Throughout the show, Elena struggles with choosing a Salvatore brother as she feels for both of them. Both the brothers protect her from all sorts of supernatural threats while putting their own lives on danger.

So Take A Look At 5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Elena Gilbert


5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Elena Gilbert
The CW

While the showrunners took the liberty of making several changes to the characters, backstories, events, storylines when adapting the books into a show. A major change is the appearance of Elena Gilbert. She has blue eyes, pale skin, blonde hair in the books whereas Elena in the show has the light brown eye color and brown hair color. The appearance is entirely different and this even surprised the author LJ Smith when Nina Dobrev was chosen to play Elena.

However, Nina proved to be the right choice and she changed the opinions of the critics. Also, in the books she is best friends with Meredith and Bonnie whereas in the show Meredith isn’t close with Elena, she is besties with Caroline. In the show, she has a younger brother named Jeremy and they both live with their aunt Jenna. But in the books, there is no Jeremy, but a little sister Margaret and they live with their aunt Judith. There’s a change in the names of the aunt.

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5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Elena Gilbert
The CW

While Nina Dobrev ended up getting the role of Elena, but there were numerous potential candidates for the show. The Network approached Ashley Tisdale for the role of Elena, but she turned down the audition to appear on a different show which turned out to be a disaster. The Network also wanted Ashlee Simpson to play Elena, but after coming across Nina, they changed their minds. Another contender who was in the race for the role of Elena Gilbert is Alexandra Chando who auditioned 4 times for the character. Even though she didn’t get the role of Elena, but she would make a guest appearance in TVD Season 8 Episode ‘We Have History Together’. You’d be surprised to know that Torrey DeVitto also auditioned for the role of Elena who would later play Meredith Fell.


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