5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sam and Dean are the titular characters of the show. Surely, on the outside, Supernatural is a show about ghosts, demons, angels, vampires, and all sorts of ‘Supernatural’ creatures and species. But at the core, the show is the story of two brothers who defied their fate, overcame all odds, and managed to make an everlasting change in the world. Initially, the show was more focused towards the supernatural monsters, but as it progressed, the focus shifted to the dynamics of the relationship between the brothers. The theme of family resonates throughout the show and served as the main motivation for the characters. Over the course of 15 Seasons, the brothers have been through hell (pun intended), heaven, and all sorts of dimensions and situations that an ordinary person can only dream of. But there are numerous unknown facts and interesting trivia about the brothers that many fans know very little about.

So Take A Look At 5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester


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If you love to describe the entire Supernatural to a newbie in one sentence, it would be the undying love of two brothers for each other. Sam & Dean probably have the most intense brotherly bond in the television history. The brothers have sacrificed for each other and there’s no limit that they are not willing to cross to save the other.

  • Dean made a deal with the crossroad demon to bring back Sam to life. The deal got him only one year to live, but he still took it.
  • When Dean became a demon, Sam continued searching for him. Even though Dean made it clear he doesn’t need Sam’s help and instructed him to stay away. Sam put his life on the line to cure the demon Dean.
  • Sam worked behind the back of Dean along with Rowena, Castiel, Crowley, and Charlie in order to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean. This resulted in unleashing the darkness. And Dean literally killed Death and saved Sam.
  • Dean allowed an angel to possess Sam who promised to save Sam. The angel was Gadreel who caused the death of Kevin.

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5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester
The CW

The Winchester Family is one of a kind in the Universe. This family played a major role in the events of the cosmos. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, the fate of the entire universe depended on the Winchesters. All of the members of this family have been resurrected, some on more than one occasion. If you look at it, the boys share plenty of similarities with their parents. While on the outside, one could easily notice the similarities that Dean & John Share. Dean had modeled himself after his father, being the good soldier. He had adapted his father’s music taste, clothing style. But if you really think about it, Sam & John are very much alike. Sam might have hated John for raising him into the hunter’s lifestyle and taking away his childhood. But he has numerous traits of John that one cannot simply ignore.

5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Sam & Dean Winchester
The CW

Both of them didn’t want to be hunters, but were forced by the circumstances. John lost Mary and Sam lost Jess, they didn’t choose hunting, but quickly became a master of the art. Both John & Sam can be pretty stubborn, they also have been blinded by revenge which has proved to be disastrous for both. John became obsessed with revenge, neglected the boys, and it eventually cost him his life. Sam went after Lilith and was consumed by the dark side in his thirst for power. Like Mary, Sam also craved a normal life which he eventually got in the end.


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