5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Stefan Salvatore

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The story of Vampire Diaries started with Stefan Salvatore and it ended with him in a poetic way. Stefan visited his nephew Zach in the Mystic Falls where he saw Elena and was shocked by her appearance. Elena turned out to be the exact lookalike of Katherine, Stefan’s ex lover. Stefan and Elena would fall in love the moment they crossed paths and it started an epic love story.

So Take A Look At 5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Stefan Salvatore


The CW

When it comes to love life and romantic relationships, only a few are lucky enough in the Vampire Diaries. Bonnie lost her love Enzo, Jeremy lost Anna, Caroline lost Stefan, but none has the worst luck than Stefan Salvatore. All the romantic partners of Stefan were either vampires or became one after consuming vampire blood in order to heal themselves. His sire and love interest Katherine Pierce stabbed herself and tricked Rose in feeding her the vampire blood which eventually turned her into a vampire.

Stefan’s first girlfriend Valerie was a siphoner witch who became a vampire through the blood of Lily Salvatore. Then comes Caroline Forbes who suffered life threatening injuries in Season 1 finale and was healed using the blood of Damon, Katherine knew about it and intentionally killed her in order to turn her into a vampire. Elena could have died due to a hemorrhage, but Dr. Meredith used the blood of Damon to cure her, but she died in Season 3 finale with Damon’s blood turning her into a vampire. And finally, Ivy was turned into a vampire by Enzo who wanted to get back at Stefan.

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5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Stefan Salvatore
The CW

A vampire needs blood to survive and function effectively. And it specifically needs the blood of a human to sustain itself, but you’ll be surprised to know Stefan is probably the only vampire in the TVD Universe who was able to sustain and function while consuming only animal blood. Stefan as a Ripper is one of the worst vampires of all time. He is responsible for massacres and slaughters. While Stefan with the help of Lexi was able to control his urges and impulses. But whenever he is forced or influenced in returning to his old ways. Stefan has always tried his best to avoid relapsing into his Ripper phase. He also has the most kill counts in the TVD Universe. As a Ripper, he has wiped the entire village of Monterey which earned him the nickname ‘Ripper of Monterey’.


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