5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Stefan Salvatore


5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Stefan Salvatore
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It’s impossible to imagine someone other than Paul Wesley playing the role of Stefan Salvatore. But you’d be surprised to know that a few different talented actors also auditioned for the role, and came close to bagging the role. David Gallagher who rose to fame for his role of Simon Camden on 7th Heaven auditioned for the younger Salvatore which unfortunately he didn’t get, but he was cast as Ray Sutton, a failed hybrid experiment of Klaus. Nathaniel Buzolic who played the role of Kol Mikaelson in the TVD Universe also auditioned for the role of Stefan, but was cast as Kol. Do you think any other actor would have justified the role of Stefan the way Paul did? Let us know your answers in the comments.


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Stefan is the main character of the Vampire Diaries. He is the deuteragonist whereas Elena Gilbert, the heroine, is the main protagonist, and Damon is the third protagonist. The Vampire Diaries is his story, we as the viewers are witnessing the story from his perspective. If you remember the pilot episode, it starts with the voice over of Stefan Salvatore who begins his story whereas the show ends with Elena’s voiceover. He also enjoys writing in his journal, we have seen a collection of his journals which contains all his recorded memories. This similarity is shared by Elena Gilbert who could also be writing in her diary in the Pilot episode. His very name ‘Stefan’ translates to the ‘Martyrdom Crown’. This is also pretty evident from his character who doesn’t hesitate sacrificing himself for the greater good. In the end, it was Stefan’s sacrifice that saved Mystic Falls, reunited Damon & Elena, making him the ultimate hero of the series.


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You must have read that Paul had to struggle a lot, he auditioned close to 100 times before he bagged the role of Stefan. Initially, the found him too old so he auditioned for Damon which didn’t workout for him. He would come over and over for the role of Stefan until one time when he was asked to read lines with Nina Dobrev which convinced the creators that he was the right man for Stefan. While the two actors had an undeniable chemistry and their ship Stelena is a highlight of the show. But did you know these two didn’t get along well in the beginning. They kinda despised each other and didn’t get along for the first five months, but then they developed a friendship which remains strong to this very date. So in a way if it weren’t for Nina, Paul would have never gotten the role of Stefan.

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