5 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Vampire Diaries That Fans Should Know


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After Season 6 finale, Nina Dobrev who played the character of Elena left the show to pursue other projects. The actress would return for one final time in Season 8 finale where she resumed her character of Elena and the evil doppelganger Katherine. Damon and Elena are ultimately reunited after Bonnie manages to wake up Elena from the coma, but the couple didn’t share any dialogue on the screen in any of their scenes. Another interesting fact from Season 8 is the Steroline wedding. If you remember Caroline and Bonnie can be seen talking after Caroline tells her about the mysterious new guy named Stefan, she tells Bonnie ‘We Are Planning A June Wedding’. This would ultimately come true in Season 8 when Caroline is in fact planning a June wedding after Stefan proposed to her.


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Did you know the CW Studio approached Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson to adapt the TVD novels into the books. However, Kevin Williamson turned down the project because he believed TVD was a rip-off of the Twilight. The premise was similar, a teenager falling in love with a vampire, nothing refreshing. But Julie Plec convinced him to finish the book completely then he realized that TVD is entirely different and there are numerous stories to tell. Interestingly, Williamson was also sent the books much before the series came out with the intention of transforming them into a movie, but he rejected them downright without reading. We really should thank Julie Plec for making TVD happen by convincing Kevin. Kevin Williamson left TVD after S2, Julie Plec became the sole showrunner of the show since then. However, Kevin would return to conclude the show by co-writing the finale.


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Julie Plec once in an interview revealed that the conclusion of TVD would depend upon Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. As long as they want to keep telling the story, we would keep telling it. The actors also didn’t want to unnecessarily drag the show. So when it was time to go, it was time to go. However, the creators’ original ending for the show involved both brothers dying and would watching Elena from the Other Side as she lives her life normally. However, the departure of Nin changed the plans as it ended any possibility of Stefan and Elena reuniting. The creators wanted to bring back the love triangle into play in the later seasons. But Nina’s abrupt departure forced them to conclude the story with Delena. Ultimately, they decided to give it a happy ending.

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