5 Unknown And Interesting Things About Castiel That His Fans Don’t Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Castiel is everyone’s favorite angel. It was him who rescued Dean Winchester from hell, arrived on earth to prevent the celestial war, but ended up becoming too attached with the Winchesters. He is a legendary angel who defied the rules of heaven and God, and did what was best for the humanity. Some love him and respect him whereas there are many who hate him and loathe him for aligning himself with humans.

So Take A Look At 5 Unknown And Interesting Things About Castiel That His Fans Don’t Know


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Castiel is one of the most popular characters of the show. It was due to his popularity that the writers spared his character from killing permanently on two occasions, in Season 4 and Season 5. The actor was promoted to regular status in Seasons 5, 6, 9. This feat was previously held only by Lauren Cohan and Katie Cassidy. Misha Collins’ Castiel has been featured on every season’s promotional pictures since then. His character originally had a 6-episode arc, but his popularity and response from the fans gave him more storyline. His appearances have been more than that of Bobby Singer.

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Castiel’s vessel Jimmy Novak is extremely strong. Even though Jimmy Novak is dead which made his corpse as Castiel’s body rather than his vessel. When he lost his grace and became a human, the body became his own so he could provide permission to other angels to possess him. He retained this ability after getting his grace back. Castiel’s vessel has held a Seraph angel for years. It also withstood millions of souls that he absorbed from Purgatory including Leviathans. He gave permission to Lucifer to possess him. Castiel revealed that being possessed by Lucifer is burning him inside, but his vessel still managed to contain him. At one point, Crowley also entered his vessel while Lucifer was already present inside.


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