5 Unknown And Interesting Things About Sam Winchester That His Fans Don’t Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sam Winchester was also raised in the hunting life by their dad John Winchester after losing Mary. Unlike the obedient Dean, Sam disliked hunting and planned to pursue a law career. He left his family to study at Stanford where he met Jessica and fell in love with her. But after the tragic demise of Jessica, he was forced to get back into the hunter’s life that he once left. Over the course of 15 seasons, we have seen him fighting all kinds of supernatural creatures alongside Dean. We have seen Sam getting tortured in hell, being possessed by the angels, watching his brother & loved ones die, and not to forget his beautiful hairstyles. But there’s so much about him that even his fans don’t know.

Sam Winchester life has been nothing short of tragic, lost his mother as a kid then was forced into a hunter’s lifestyle that he hated. He finally found an escape, a purpose, found the love of his life, but she was also taken away from him. He was again forced into the same life which he desperately tried escaping. Ultimately, he made peace with it and accepted it, and cared for nothing more than his brother Dean. The adventures of these brothers is nothing short of legendary. Supernatural is the story of the Winchester brothers.

So Take A Look At 5 Unknown And Interesting Things About Sam Winchester That His Fans Don’t Know


5 Unknown And Interesting Things About Sam Winchester That His Fans Don’t Know
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Sam Winchester has a tragic luck when it comes to relationships. Mostly all the women that he has been romantically became entangled with ended up dying or turned out to be supernatural beings. His list of dead lovers include Annie, Ruby, Amy, Sarah, Madison, and Jessica. Whereas there are other women who didn’t die such as Becky, Piper, Sparrow.

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You should never mess with the Winchesters. And possessing Sam Winchester is really a bad idea because everyone who has possessed him and been into his vessel ended up dying. The demon Meg was killed by Crowley, Lucifer was killed by the archangel Michael, Gadreel killed himself to help release Castiel from heaven, Crowley killed himself to prevent Lucifer from escaping the apocalypse world. Another interesting fact is that all the beings who possessed Sam died in the Supernatural finales.


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  1. I know the finale wasn’t the one it was written because of COVID. It looks like it was going to be like a party, with a lot of characters that had showed up in the show.
    But since only Jared and Jensen were in Vancouver and the rest of them in the US and them couldn’t make it, so the crew did the finale we had.
    I’d like, since things for traveling are smooth now, they’ll do the other one. It would be great.


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