5 Unpopular Opinions That Majority Of Supernatural Fans Don’t Agree With

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. What makes a show great is its fandom. Fans are the ones who make or break a show. A TV show can consider itself lucky if it has a passionate fandom. Only a few shows such as Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, Doctor Who have managed to create a passionate fanbase who would ride with the show till the end. Many consider the Supernatural fandom to be the most loyal and invested fanbases. The fans pretty vocal and expressive about the show, from writing all sorts of crazy fan fiction to becoming a part of the annual fan conventions, the fans put all their heart, time, and energy into this show. Therefore being a fan, everyone has a right to have an opinion. Now a fan can have an opinion about anything, from the storylines to the personality of a character. Their opinions can be anything from perfectly rational to absolutely absurd, but they do have the right to express it.

So Take A Look At 5 Unpopular Opinions That Majority Of Fans Don’t Agree With 


5 Unpopular Opinions That Majority Of Supernatural Fans Don't Agree With
The CW

OPINION: As everyone very well knows that first five seasons have been created and developed by Eric Kripke. His story arc ended with Season 5. The finale episode titled ‘Swan Song’ saw Dean starting a new life with Lisa & Ben, believing Sam is gone permanently. In the closing moments, we see Sam standing outside Dean’s house, leaving a lot open to the imagination. Castiel died and got resurrected with additional powers. He vowed to restore a new order in Heaven. Lucifer and Michael are trapped in the Cage. A small portion of fans that was the perfect time to wrap up the show. Some fans feel that the show changed drastically after Season 5.

TAKE: But if the show had ended there, we would have never learned and experienced the Supernatural Universe that we know now. From the arrival of Leviathans, Knights of Hell to Amara and Empty, we witnessed some amazing storylines. We also got to know more about the Winchesters Family History. The boys being Legacies and were destined to be the Men of Letters. Seeing them reunite with their deceased parents and having a good time is something that made us all fans happy. The loyal fans are glad that the show didn’t end with Season 5 and we got ten more entertaining seasons of the show. But what do you think?


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  1. If the show would have ended at season 5 I would never rewatch it. I constantly rewatch seasons 8-14 I’m so glad it lasted as long as it did!


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