5 Unpopular Vampire Diaries Opinions That Have The Fans Divided

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Every fan is entitled to their opinion. The fans of the Vampire Diaries are very passionate and follow the show with all their heart. Despite it’s been five years since the show ended, the fans have kept the show as popular as when it was airing. However, the fans are pretty split up on several subjects due to their ideology & perspective regarding the characters, situations, and storylines. It’s necessary to acknowledge all the views to have a healthy discussion.

So Take A Look At 5 Unpopular Vampire Diaries Opinions That Have The Fans Divided


The CW

Damon and Bonnie shared great chemistry together. At the beginning of the show, Bonnie frowned at Damon and couldn’t stand him. But there’s no denying there was chemistry between them. Slowly, they joined forces for the greater good, thanks to Elena & Stefan. But fast forward to Season 5 finale when they both end up trapped in the Prison World. This is when their relationship/friendship really blossomed. Due to their time spent together, many fans wished that their relationship would have been romantic. Some fans even claimed that the chemistry between Damon & Bonnie felt more natural and better compared to Damon-Elena.

There’s no denying that Bonnie played a significant role in making Damon selfless which is evident from Season 6 where Damon placed himself in harm’s way to save Bonnie, he didn’t choose Elena over Bonnie. There was definitely a possibility of Damon & Bonnie’s relationship taking a romantic route in Seasons 6-8 especially when Elena’s character was placed into a magical coma after Nina left the show. Ironically, Damon & Bonnie were a romantic couple in the Vampire Diaries novels, but the show followed a different route.


5 Unpopular Vampire Diaries Opinions That Have The Fans Divided
The CW

While the Mikaelson Family breathed a new life into the Vampire Diaries. There’s no denying that characters such as Klaus and Elijah became more popular than the Salvatores at one point on TVD. The fans were captivated by their charisma and power. The entire hybrid storyline of Klaus, Mikaelson family coming together, Esther raising from the grave, and the hunt for a cure. Originals were definitely the most interesting part of Seasons 2-4. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the writers intentionally made Klaus & The Originals weak as the show progressed. It was for the benefit of the protagonists such as Salvatores & Elena that the Mikaelsons were bested by the Mystic Falls Gang which doesn’t make sense. But plot armor prevailed in the end and Mystic Falls Gang managed to eliminate two Original Vampires.


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