5 Upcoming Projects Of TVD Stars That You Definitely Should Not Miss

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries concluded in 2017 whereas the Originals concluded in 2018. Even though the fandom is still crazy and passionate about these days, it could be understood from the fact that these shows have remained popular and among the most watched shows on platforms such as Netflix as of 2022. But the actors and cast have moved on since, they have appeared in numerous other shows, movies, commercials, music videos, and other videos. The TVD Fandom never misses a chance to see their favorite stars in action, any new project that TVD actors associate with, automatically becomes the talk of the town. So it’s a good time to be a fan, prepare yourselves because there are plenty of amazing upcoming projects which will feature the TVD actors.

So Take A Look At 5 Upcoming Projects Of TVD Stars That You Definitely Should Not Miss



Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the Paramount+ original series which serves as a prequel to the Original Star Trek series. It is also the spin off of the series Star Trek: Discovery. The show will premiere on 5 May and the season will comprise of 10 episodes. The show follows the adventures of Captain Pike along with his talented crew as they sail across the different worlds in their starship dealing with different threats. TVD fame Paul Wesley who played Stefan Salvatore in the TVD Universe has been cast in the role of James Tiberius Kirk. The iconic character first appeared in the Star Trek: The Original Series and has been played by the legendary actor William Shatner.

5 Upcoming Projects Of TVD Stars That You Definitely Should Not Miss

Paul also once revealed the time when he met William Shatner and he was so star struck by the presence of the actor that he was unable to put a coherent sentence together, but later collected his senses and had a wonderful conversation with him. He considers it to be a honor to be cast as Captain James Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek series. Paul Wesley also appeared in the thriller anthology series ‘Tell Me A Story’.


5 Upcoming Projects Of TVD Stars That You Definitely Should Not Miss
The CW

Joseph Morgan rose to fame playing the notorious Klaus Mkaelson in the TVD Universe. The actor joined TVD Season 2 as primary antagonist Klaus Mikaelson. Even though his character wasn’t supposed to last long and was set to be written off in Season 3. But the charisma and popularity of Joseph Morgan as Klaus forced the creators to reconsider their decision. It would eventually led to Klaus getting his own spin-off series ‘The Originals’ which revolved around the Mikaelsons. Since then the actor has appeared in shows such as Animal Kingdom and Brave New World. In 2022, it was announced that Joseph joined the cast of DC’s Titans as Sebastian Blood as a regular in Season 4.


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