5 Vampire Diaries Theories That Makes Perfect Sense!


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Siphoner is a kind of magic who don’t have magic ability of their own, but they can ‘siphon’ magic from other sources. TVD never touched on the topic as how the Siphoners came into existence. The most notable Siphoner is Kai Parker of he Gemini Coven. We learned that apparently one is born as a Siphoner due to a mutation. Also, the Siphoners we saw on TVD came from the Gemini Coven. According to a Reddit user, the reason the Siphoners came into being is due to nature. In TVD, time and time again, one thing has been made explicitly clear is that magic needs a balance. What gives immortality can also take it away, take for example, the White Oak Stake.

The ingredients used in the immortality spell of the Originals are the very things that could harm the Originals. We know about the Gemini Coven is they practice a ritual known as ‘The Merge’. This ritual involves two witches coming together and one witch becomes extremely strong by taking the magic of the other witch. They absorb the magic or we could say Siphon the magic from the other witch. Thus Siphoner is a way of nature maintaining the imbalance born as a result of the Merge.

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There’s a theory making rounds that it was the compulsion of Damon which led to Elena finding Stefan. Elena didn’t know what to do with her feelings about Damon because of the compulsion that Damon did. Had she not been compelled by Damon then she might have not fallen for Stefan. This could also explain why the sirebond was pretty quick. Elena quickly over a couple of episodes switched to Damon from Stefan. There was definitely a significance of the compulsion scene. Elena was always in love with Damon. This would explain the strong chemistry between the two right from the get go. There was tension, but Elena clearly was in denial about her feelings for Damon, and kept rejecting him. Damon compelled Elena to get everything that was seeking. After losing her parents, she wanted to feel safe and she found that safety in the form of Stefan.

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Another crazy theory is that Kai actually linked the life of Elena to Stefan, and not to Bonnie. Let’s think about it, Kai is pretty sinister and manipulative. He would link the life of Elena to someone who is closest to Damon, clearly it’s Stefan, not Bonnie. While some would say if that’s the case then why didn’t Elena wake up when Stefan had died since Season 6? Well, because Kai linked the life of Elena (who is a human) to another human life which is of Stefan. Since Stefan was a vampire at that time, it would become impossible to ever wake up Elena. He only lied about Elena’s life being linked to Bonnie. But to everyone’s surprise, Stefan eventually became a human and when he sacrificed himself, the spell was lifted, and Bonnie ‘somehow’ was able to resurrect Elena.

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