5 Vampire Diaries Things That Deserve A Second Thought

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries featured numerous storylines, characters, and events which the fans can never forget. The show will remain special and favorite of many for ages. But if you watch the show a second time, there are numerous things that you will notice that you missed out in the first watch.

So Take A Look At 5 Vampire Diaries Things That Deserve A Second Thought


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First of all it doesn’t make any sense that the Mystic Falls Gang was able to best the Mikaleon Family, and was able to end Finn and Kol. It was only Plot Armor which prevented Kol from going after the gang. Kol Mikaelson is an Original and Damon who is a normal vampire got the best of him. While it makes sense that Kol didn’t go after Elena as she’s a Petrova and it might have angered Klaus, similarly Stefan’s association with Klaus also saved his life. But it doesn’t explain how and why Kol spared Damon, he could have easily disposed him off in seconds.


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Parenting is pretty hard, but when you are a resident of Mystic Falls, it becomes extremely hard. If you look at the TVD characters and their parents, you’ll see how dysfunctional some of the families were. The Mikaelsons had perhaps the worst parents, Esther and Mikael literally tried eliminating their children. Mikael was worse who treated his kids harshly due to his inner built up anger and sadness after losing Freya. Both Stefan and Damon also suffered the wrath of their father. Their mother left them at the mercy of their father and couldn’t control her vampiric impulses. Giuseppe Salvatore was always bitter and harsh towards Damon. Elena’s biological mother Isobel deserted her while her father John made up in the end for his bad parenting. Caroline’s father Bill tortured her due to her vampirism. Bonnie’s mother abandoned her and started living a new life.


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Majority of the fans feel that Bonnie is one of the most important character without whom the show would cease to exist. If it wasn’t for Bonnie, the story wouldn’t have progressed, our beloved characters won’t even survive. All this just confirms how poorly the character of Bonnie has been written. To be fair, Bonnie has been used more as a plot device than an actual human character. She continuously keep helping her friends which mostly causes her suffering. She has lost a lot as a result of getting mixed with the Mystic Falls Gang. While all of her friends enjoyed some epic love and multiple relationships, Bonnie wasn’t given the same attention from the writers. Bonnie is perhaps the most powerful witch in the TVD universe. Her character had so much potential, ranging from her friendships, relationships to story arcs focusing solely on herself, but the writers and producers never explored, but always viewed as a character which would act as a plot device whenever required.

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