5 Vampire Diaries Things That Deserve A Second Thought



5 Vampire Diaries Things That Deserve A Second Thought
The CW

Towards the last seasons, with the departure of Nina Dobrev, it became clear that writers are working to make Stefan and Caroline the endgame. But something that is pretty evident is Stefan never stopped loving Elena, it was not a big disservice to the character of Caroline. Even Caroline knew how Stefan never had the same feelings or commitment to her. This is pretty evident from the final episode where Stefan’s character decides to sacrifice himself and not shares a moment with his newly wed wife. But he manages to meet Elena before finding the peace. Stefan could never really get over Elena. That’s just a fact. Even after Elena is with Damon, he feels it’s his responsibility to protect Elena at all costs. The writers never made efforts to make Caroline-Stefan appear as an epic love story. Romantic chemistry was absent for the most part and the duo felt like best friends.

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5 Vampire Diaries Things That Deserve A Second Thought
The CW

Elena transformed into a vampire in Season 3 finale. Season 4 saw the debut of the vampire Elena who was drastically different from the human Elena. While many fans enjoyed this version of Elena, calling this a second version of Katherine. The vampire version of Elena also allowed her to freely make her choices without worrying about others’ opinions. She chose Damon over Stefan which many initially contributed to the sirebond. But later it became evident that those were her true feelings and not caused by the sirebond due to her becoming vampire through the Damon’s blood.

We know for a fact that Vampirism only magnifies, enhances or intensifies the existing attitudes and feelings. It just reveals who you truly are deep down. As a human, we all have a dark side and we struggle to keep it in check, and we conform to the requirements of the society, putting on the perfect mask. But vampirism allows one to be truly themselves. So one shouldn’t blame Damon for influencing Elena when she became a vampire. Elena’s choices and her sense of morality was only magnified due to vampirism. As a human, she felt conflicted at times to make choices, maybe due to peer pressure or to live up to the expectations. But as a vampire, she trusted her instincts and went with it. Her choosing Damon is what she truly wanted,

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