5 Weirdest & Most Bizarre Court Cases in India!

Court cases
See you in court or I'll take you to court; These are the most common statements or threats made not just in movies but in everyday life too.

See you in court or I’ll take you to court; These are the most common statements or threats made not just in movies but in everyday life too. It seems to be the popular method to settle disputes. Whether people mean it or not, they surely do believe in the legal system so much that they don’t shy away from filing a case. There are more than 2 crores pending cases in India, out of which some are bound to be bizarre. Today we are going to talk about the weirdest and most bizarre cases that were filed in India.

Take A Look At 5 Weirdest & Most Bizarre Court Cases in India

1. Oh! That’s A Boy

In one bizarre case, a young bride actually turned out to be a boy after marriage. This unfortunate incident took place with 37-year-old Balakram, a resident of Uttar Pradesh. He paid rupees 50 thousand to marry Raj Kumari, a dancer from a traveling troupe who turned out to be a 14-year-old boy. The weirdest thing is they were married for a week before Balak realized what was up. Pretty late don’t you think?

2. Lal Bihari Identity Case(1975-1994)

Lal Bihari was born in 1955 and supposedly died in 1975. Actually, his uncle had bribed government officials to declare him dead so that he could inherit their ancestral land. As per official records, Mr. Lal Bihari was registered as dead until 1994. He has since been an activist trying to prove that he is alive. He also performed his mock funerals asked for widows compensation for his wife, stood in the election against Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 and even added a ‘Mritak’ to his name. He currently has an organisation that handles similar identity cases.

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3. Ranveer Singh Yadav Versus Delhi Transport Corporation.

Ranveer Singh Yadav has been fighting a case for almost 40 years, where he is accused of taking 5 paisa extra for a 10 paisa ticket from a woman passenger in 1973. Though the Labour Court ruled Ranveer Singh innocent in 1990, DTC went to the High Court. After 40 years and lakhs of rupees spent by both parties for the legal justice, finally in 2016, the court gave a verdict in favor of Ranveer Singh Yadav. He was 75 when the judgment finally came. DTC was asked to pay 6 lakh rupees to Ranveer Singh as compensation. All this over 5 paise, a currency which no longer exists.

4. Police Arrested A Parrot.

A parrot was ordered to appear at a policestation in India after being trained to abuse its owner’s elderly stepmother. The parrot named Hariyal was trained for two years by owner Suresh Sakharkar. He was trained to insult and abuse his stepmother Janabai every time she passed his home. The two were locked in a dispute over property according to a local newspaper. So whenever she passed by, the parrot started abusing. One day Janabai got fed up of the abuses and lodged a police complaint resulting in the arrest of the parrot. But Hariyal being a cheeky Parrot, decided to stop talking when in the police station. Still, a case has been filed against the parrot and Suresh. At least under court’s oath, people expect Hariyal to tell the truth to the world.

5. Akku Yadav Vs Women power.

In 2004, Akku Yadav, a serial rapist was lynched in the courtroom by 200 women. Armed with stones, kitchen knives and chilli powder, they took him down in 15 minutes. When every woman questioned claimed responsibility for the murder, the court had to dismiss the case. Women decided to take the law into their hands after repeated complaints with the police fell on deaf ears.

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