5 Weirdest Japanese Inventions That Will Make You Say WTF

Japanese have always been popular when it comes to technology, but sometimes they go a little too far with their inventions and that’s what were going to be talking about today. Hey guys, welcome back to Humor Nation. Before we get started I want to know- What is the craziest or weirdest thing you own. Let me know your answers down in the comment. Alright without further a due lets get started on our list of the top weird Japanese Inventions.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Weirdest Japanese Inventions That Will Make You Say WTF!

5. Baby Mop Outfit

5 Weirdest Japanese Inventions That Will Make You Say WTF

I don’t know if I hate this one or secretly love it. I mean it is pretty clever. I have to give them that. Parents are super busy- they have to work, cook, and clean. So if they can get their kids to help out with some chores at such a young age then why not? Nothing wrong with teaching them some responsibility while they’re young. It’s going to lead them to being well rounded adults. Now obviously some people arn’t going to like the idea of this. I mean imagine you go to your friends house and you see their baby just crawling around in this outfit. Yeah that’s going to be pretty weird. Weird, yet intriguing.

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4. Shoe Umbrellas

I mean common. This one wouldn’t even work. And it’s definitely not fashion forward. So from the looks of it, you attach these mini umbrellas to the toes of your shoes and there you go. Yeah this wouldn’t work. If your trying to protect your shoes from getting wet or dirty when it rains these aren’t going to help you. Sure at first they may keep the very tops of your shoes dry, but then when you start walking in the rain all the back splash is going to come up and get your shoes. Yeah this is just weird and pointless, but hey..on a positive note at least they come in different colors so you can accessorize.


3. Metro Chin Stick

This one kinda creeps me out to be honest. For one it looks absolutely ridiculous and if someone is passing by you and accidentally kicks it out from under you then you’re going down. If you’re that tired that you need to attempt to sleep standing up then just call in sick from work that day- clearly you’re not going to be all that productive. Yeah I just cant imagine how this is possibly comfortable. It looks like it would be a strain on your neck if anything.

2. Splash Protector

Afraid to eat food because it always ends up getting in your hair? Well have no fear because the splash protector is here. So this is known as a splash protector and your suppose to use it when your eating soup or noodles- basically any food item that contains liquid and it will keep the liquid from getting in your hair. So yeah if you feel like the outer rim of your face and hair needs protection from that unavoidable splash back then this product s for you. This is super weird. And if you’re that messy when eating then maybe you should stick to simpler more solid foods. Because this is just too much.

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1. Hearing Enhancer

5 Weirdest Japanese Inventions That Will Make You Say WTF

Yeahhh NO!! There’s no need for this. If your really having trouble hearing then there’s hearing aids. This looks really ridiculous. It just looks like whoever’s wearing it attached bowls to the sides of their head. On the add for this product there’s a little blurb that says- These perfectly natural looking colanders that you strap over your head will not only amplify sounds, but it might be possible to simultaneously toss a salad or two…what? I mean I don’t even what? Yeah this is just ridiculous. What are we in the 1800 hundreds? You might as well just grab an ear trumpet.


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