5 What-If Scenarios That Could Have Changed The Entire Vampire Diaries

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Through out the eight seasons of the Vampire Diaries, one could very easily locate certain events that changed the course of TVD history. Had these events happened a bit differently then everything would have been entirely different. Even the fate of certain characters and the conclusion of the Vampire Diaries would have been very different. But what are those certain significant events that are responsible for everything? And imagine how different the history of TVD would have been if those events never happened or happened in a different sort of way.

So Take A Look At 5 What-If Scenarios That Could Have Changed The Entire Vampire Diaries


5 What-If Scenarios That Could Have Changed The Entire Vampire Diaries
The CW

It was 1864, the fateful year, when Katherine Pierce crossed paths with the Salvatores. Eventually, the fate of Stefan and Damon was intertwined with Katherine who would not only become their love interest, but also their sire. Katherine used the Salvatores as a means to the end, she manipulated them, and fed them her blood. Eventually Salvatores would transform into vampires and start an enmity that would last for nearly a century, all because of Katherine. Stefan and Damon’s vampiric transformation would have significant consequences as it would affect several lives, and it would follow plenty of chaos and destruction. All this could have been avoided if Katherine never stayed at the Salvatore mansion and never mingled with the Salvatores.

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When the youngest Henry Mikaelson wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time along with his brother Klaus, he fell to a tragic fate at the hands of the wolves. This forced Mikael and Esther to transform all their remaining children into a Supernatural species that would become known as the Original Vampires. All the Vampires in existence came from the Original Vampires who are the progenitors. Esther used her magic to turn all her children into Originals which granted them with some special abilities and powers, and a few weaknesses. This would set a chain of events in motion that altered TVD history forever. If it wasn’t for Henry, we wouldn’t have Originals. Without Originals, there won’t be any vampires, there won’t be any Katherine Pierce, and ultimately the Salvatores won’t turn into a vampire. Without the Originals, the world would be spared of its numerous atrocities.


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