5 Worst Clow Cards In Cardcaptor Sakura

Welcome to Humor Nation. Clow Reed, the powerful magician created the Clow Cards by combining the magic of the West and the East. Each Clow card has a unique personality and some pretty amazing abilities. While many cards are so powerful that they helped Sakura in her quest to capture the remaining cards with their courage and kindness, some weren’t useful at all.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Worst Clow Cards In Cardcaptor Sakura

5. It’s such a cutie that resembles a mermaid. But the cuteness doesn’t prove to be much help when it comes to battle. The magician Clow Reed created the card with the purpose of giving Kero a bath and assisting him in cleaning the dishes. So the card pretty much is helpful when it comes to domestic chores. We have seen Sakura use the card in bathing Cerberus.

5 Worst Clow Cards In Cardcaptor Sakura

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4. The Nothing card is probably the most powerful Clow Card in existence. It was created in order to balance the power of the remaining Clow Cards. But what makes it the worst is its destructive power. The Card was so hell-bent on seeking revenge that it wiped out many areas of Sakura’s hometown. 

Clow cards

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