5 Worst Decisions And Mistakes Made By The Writers In The Originals

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Originals is well appreciated among the fans due to its mature storylines, diverse characters and giving them all a platform to tell their stories unlike its predecessor Vampire Diaries. While the TVD mainly focused on a love story for most of the seasons, Originals shifted the focus to a diverse number of themes such as family, friendship, love, power, politics, and ambition. The Mikaelson family was at the center of the show, but numerous other characters were equal attention on the show. The spin-off was produced by CW and started airing in 2013, the show aired its final season in 2018. No show is perfect especially when it runs for a long time and each season consists of 20-some episodes, it’s bound to make mistakes.

In case of this show, the writers made some terrible calls and took some bad decisions which somewhat affected the show. While the points listed in this article might not represent the opinions of every fan.

So Take A Look At 5 Worst Decisions And Mistakes Made By The Writers In The Originals


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When the main protagonists of your show are extremely power beings, it’s pretty to come up with enemies who pose a genuine threat to them. It’s not always necessary that an enemy has to be superior in terms of physical strength to defeat our heroes. We saw that in Season 3 how the Trinity managed to outmaneuver the Mikaelsons at every turn. However, when push came to shove, Lucien became the Upgraded Original AKA Beast through a reverse engineered serum. He eliminated Cami and Finn to prove how dangerous he could be. The Mikaelsons ultimately had to sacrifice Davina in order to channel the power to defeat Lucien.

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Turning Marcel into an Upgraded Original seemed to be a bad call. Now we have always seen Marcel helping out the Mikaelsons despite their flaws. Even when the sireline was broken, he sided with Klaus and gang out of loyalty as the family raised him as their own. This is the true depth of the character of Marcel. Him turning again the Mikaelsons and making the prophecy coming true was a bad decision. Of course, the actions of Marcel are justified as the Mikaelsons saw others as a collateral damage. But what was the point of making him extremely powerful when he would rejoin and work with the family only three episodes later?

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5 Worst Decisions And Mistakes Made By The Writers In The Originals
The CW

Again when the writers ran out of the options, they introduced a corrupt ancient spirit of a witch named Inadu who seeks absolute power. Only a two-minute flashback and we are told she is absolute evil. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The entire Hollow arc seemed forced. The Originals who have walked the earth for centuries, encountered all sorts of supernatural beings, suddenly find out there’s something more powerful than them. The Hollow proved to be much powerful than the witch Dahlia and Marcel. Even the Ancestors couldn’t do much harm to her. Everything until this point is fine and solidifies Hollow as the baddest evil villain.

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Move forward to Season 5, they downplayed the evil entity by allowing Hope to reabsorb the spirit inside her from her family members. Then Klaus took the spirit inside him. Like suddenly it’s just a spirit with no consciousness, not super evil entity which could grab complete control of someone in minutes. At first, we were told Hollow can only be contained, but never eliminated. Then it said that Labonair bloodline can only harm the Hollow. Then once Klaus died, why didn’t the Hollow release back?


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