5 Worst Mistakes The Writers Made In The Vampire Diaries

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries in its eight seasons featured plenty of story-lines. These story-lines featured all sorts of characters, ranging from the introduction to the Mikaelsons, the first Original Vampires to the arrival of the witch-vampire hybrids known as the ‘Heretics’. The Vampire Diaries expanded its lore by introducing the first immortal beings Silas and Amara. Due to the amazing writing, we got to witness numerous emotional and touching moments through out the show. While some of these moments made our eyes wet, some made us laugh like crazy, and some just filled our hearts with love. Vampire Diaries became a popular show due to its amazing cast, iconic soundtrack, but most importantly due to its brilliant writing. However, like every other show, TVD also suffered from lazy writing at times, resulting in plot holes and story-lines which didn’t click with the fans.

So Take A Look At 5 Worst Mistakes The Writers Made In The Vampire Diaries


The CW

The arrival of the Originals changed the landscape of the Vampire Diaries. The ancient and most powerful vampires who were simply intimidating. But the writers made one of the biggest mistakes when they decided to kill of Finn and Kol which didn’t make any sense at all. First foremost it was a stupid decision to let Matt, Elena, and Jeremy being able to kill the most powerful creature in the world. Finn Mikaelson who was daggered for 900 years comes back to life and is killed by someone to whom he did nothing wrong. We can excuse the fact that they didn’t know that Finn’s entire sireline would die with him and that Finn assisted his mother in killing others. But still letting a mortal kill an Original is lazy writing.

5 Worst Mistakes The Writers Made In The Vampire Diaries
The CW

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Kol arrived to strike a civil conversation with Jeremy and Elena as why it would be a bad decision to raise Silas. Only when he learned that they are plotting to kill him, he threatened to rip off the arm of Jeremy, but also stated that he would heal him. But they still decided to go ahead and kill him and his entire sireline just to complete the mark. Imagine how many poor vampires died as a result of the selfishness of Elena Gilbert. What makes it worse is that they were aware that killing Kol would also result in the death of his sireline. The amount of disrespect the Originals received on Vampire Diaries is outrageous.

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