5 Worst Things Done By Sam And Dean Winchester

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While Sam and Dean Winchester are the main heroes of the Supernatural. A hero is someone who puts his own life at risk for others, who despite his own fear commits acts of courage, and does the greater good. By this definition, Sam and Dean are great heroes who have definitely made the world a better place. Without them, the apocalypse would have ruined the world as we witnessed in the Alternate Universe where Sam & Dean never took a birth. But both the Winchesters are not flawless, they have plenty of skeletons in their closet. A close inspection reveals that Sam and Dean have done certain acts which are selfish, wrong, and at times evil.

So Take A Look At 5 Worst Things Done By Sam And Dean Winchester


In Season 7, Amy Pond, a Kitsune and old friend of Sam Winchester resurfaces. She worked as a morgue worker to survive, but when her young son got sick, she started hunting people. Sam Winchester discovers her and after understanding her reasons, he lets her go. But Dean didn’t feel sorry for Amy or her son. He would track and hunt down Amy right in front of her son. He also threatened Jacob (son of Amy) that he would come after him too if he ever harmed anyone. Dean Winchester was also a child once, he knows the long term effects of witnessing a trauma. It’s wrong on so many levels as how not only he harmed Amy in front of Jacob, but also left him with a threatening message. Jacob would spend his entire life looking and preparing for Dean, he could never let go of the revenge.

5 Things That The Supernatural Has Done Wrong



For majority of the part, Sam and Dean chose each other over the universe, but there have been times when they sorta betrayed each other. There have been numerous occasions where Sam hurt Dean badly by going against him. In Season 4, Dean gave Sam a choice between him and Ruby, but Sam chose Ruby, leaving Dean behind hurt physically and emotionally. Let’s not forget all the things that Sam did with Ruby when Dean was gone. Similarly, in Season 6, the soulless Sam Winchester let Dean be turned into a vampire purposely just to find the location of the other vampires. In Season 7 finale, Dean was transported to Purgatory, it would be reasonable to assume that Sam would rescue his brother somehow. But instead, Sam got attached to Amelia which many fans felt was just weird.


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