5 Worst Things That Have Happened To The Winchesters In Supernatural


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Both the Winchester brothers have been to the underworld. Dean was pulled to the underworld when his one-year time was up as part of the deal. He spent 40 years in hell which equal to four months of the earth’s time. In hell, he was relentlessly tortured and eventually gave in to the torment of Alistair, Dean began torturing which resulted in the breaking of the first seal. While Dean was rescued thanks to Castiel, but his time and the torture he experienced left long lasting impact on him, he began experiencing post-traumatic stress. There’s a scene where Dean breaks down talking about the adversity that he went through. Sam Winchester was the main hero of Season 5 who managed to overpower Lucifer through his will, but what happened next scarred Sam forever. He was trapped in the cage with Lucifer who destroyed his mental stability. A soulless Sam caused all sorts of chaos and destruction. The soulless Sam believed in justifying the ends, he even placed the life of Dean into danger. When his soul was brought back, it was damaged beyond repair due to his captivity in the cage.

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Apart from their parents, both Sam and Dean has lost numerous people in the fifteen seasons of Supernatural. Some of them were their friends, some were fellow hunters, and some were romantic partners.

  • Sam Winchester lost Jessica, Sarah Blake, Madison, and a few more women. It’s no surprise that it became a popular meme that dating Supernatural will reduce your chances of survival in Supernatural Universe.
  • The boys have lost Bobby Singer who served as their father figure. They also lost Jo and Ellen who accompanied them on the hunt to slay Lucifer. Jo was mortally wounded so she stayed behind to take down the hellhounds, her mother Ellen also joined her.
  • Who would have thought that Rowena and Crowley would ever do anything good for the Winchesters. Rowena sacrificed herself to save not just the boys, but everyone else by absorbing all the released souls by Chuck. Crowley sacrificed himself to offer the boys a fighting chance against Lucifer.
  • Other friends and allies of the Winchesters who sacrificed themselves or met their demise due to their association are Charlie Bradbury who got herself in a dangerous missing knowing the consequences. Benny Lafitte went back to Purgatory to save Sam only because of Dean. Similarly, Gabriel and Castiel also met their demise when they sacrificed themselves for the Winchesters.


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While the Winchesters have saved the world on multiple occasions, suffered numerous losses in the process. The biggest tragedy is that they are the unsung heroes, only a handful people are aware about the price that Sam and Dean paid. Unlike the other heroes who are celebrated and their tales of bravery remain immortal forever, the adventures of Sam and Dean will never be known by the whole world. Even though there are books based on their lives, but they are fictional, nobody would believe them. Also, both Sam and Dean could never get to live the normal and comfortable lives because they destiny had different plans for them. Dean could never get to live a normal life, even though he lived this fantasy with Ben and Lisa for a while, but eventually it was also taken away from him. In the end, Sam got to live the life he always desired, but the loss of Dean never left him alone.

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